Written by Otaku Apologist

I’m taking a vacation. It’s been lots of work to build what I have, and I’m once again acting like a suicidal psychotic snowflake.

I’ve noticed this happens every third month: I start rampaging in my social media, fighting with freelancers, burning bridges that were hard to build. Instead of committing another career suicide, I’m winding down all operations for a few weeks.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone. Many people have helped me along the way, through some very rough patches. Dren, Jberserk, Jin0uga, Soul Tsukino, Sinner, Doxy, Freaky Eddie, Trapmaster, Milkmaster, are some of the names I owe much to. The thousands of customers I’ve had, many of whom I lost to bans on my social media accounts, provided the building blocks. Everyone has been important to the projects we’ve brought from contept, to finished product.

My mother keeps telling me to switch careers. My brother doesn’t care to help me. None of my relatives assist, or even feel comfortable with what I do. I have no investors, no mentors, no-one is giving me any guidance. Freelancers are excited to contribute content for a short while, until they realize how much work it takes. Business associates only tolerate consistent results – you stop performing, they quickly cut support. Customers want new content, consistent service, preferably for free. And women… they want your cock to stay hard, when you’re already overstimulated from watching the finest anime tits all day.

As much as I love my work, it makes me cynical. You see people’s true nature when working fields like porn, and advertising. Working both at the same time, makes you like a literal zen master. The longer you work porn, the more you begin to understand “why” people desire certain pornographic content. The answer to that question often resides in people’s past, in the emotional traumas they sustained in their youths. Advertising on the other hand shows what people on a large scale react to, you learn which combinations of words and images trigger action. The longer you work advertising, the more you begin to understand why people react to certain ads. That’s another terrifying journey into the collective psyche of sad motherfuckers.

Your every victory as an entrepreneur is temporary. Every product has a shelf life. By the time you’re done with one project, another must be started, to keep website traffic high, and the revenues flowing. You can barely rest to recoup your drained creative energies – unless you’re like me, and work to create multiple passive sources of income that tick while you’re on your hard-earned vacation.

We recently completed the artwork for the Hentai Solitaire project. We’re making a classic set of playing cards, with hentai-themed female characters. The project has been going on for circa 7 months.

I was chatting with Jberserk the other day, the artist that designed all the Hentai Solitaire cards. He’s planning to quit freelancing for me. He’s finally realized, this path is anything but easy. You’re fighting for attention, against plenty of competition, with limited resources of time, and money, in a field where monetization of your content relies on unreliable, broken systems. Your ship is always sinking. If you don’t have the tenacity to overcome every imaginable obstacle on your path to financial independence, you’re better off working a shitty minimum wage job for a sociopathic manager, getting drunk on your weekends until you die.

Entrepreneurship is not the path of least resistance. It’s the path of maximum resistance.

https://i2.wp.com/hentaireviews.moe/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/bitches-and-moneyv2.jpg?fit=1024%2C744https://i2.wp.com/hentaireviews.moe/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/bitches-and-moneyv2.jpg?resize=300%2C300OtakuApologistRantsWritten by Otaku Apologist I'm taking a vacation. It's been lots of work to build what I have, and I'm once again acting like a suicidal psychotic snowflake. I've noticed this happens every third month: I start rampaging in my social media, fighting with freelancers, burning bridges that were hard to...Hentai Reviews
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