Hentaireviews.moe hosts reviews of adult products and services. If you want your product / service featured on the website, send an email at otakuapologist@gmail.com. We may take interest on your product, but won’t prioritize it over other, more interesting products already on the market. If you want your product prioritized, I accept payments via Paypal, and Bitcoin.

Paid reviews are clearly labeled as “sponsored”. Payments in advance, no exceptions. You can request that we focus on a particular feature of the product, a certain writing style, smack talk towards competitors, etc.

We cannot guarantee sales. It will be up to the customers whether they get interested in the product, and trust our word. If your product is completely terrible garbage, you can pay extra for a more positively worded review. However, I don’t advice for it. If you are forced to employ tactics of bullshitting customers, your business sucks. Improve upon your mistakes, and you won’t have to spend so much money to get traction. Additionally, if the product / service suffers from major flaws that make it an annoyance to review, you will be refunded.

Paid product reviews are clearly labeled as “sponsored”. Under-the-counter deals won’t help me earn income in the long-term, once a bad word spreads among customers. I intend to keep my website updated with fresh sexy reviews until I’m an old, rich man.

Payments and arrangements will be negotiated via email, skype, or discord.