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The Definitive Dakimakura Sex Guide

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

This is my dakimakura sex guide. Before we delve into the joys of dry-humping pictures of anime girls, let’s set the record straight: We westerners have no more adventures. Thanks to free market capitalism, our every human impulse can be sated with a placebo. For social interaction, we have social media. For dating, we have hentai games. We can experience the magic of foreign travel in online roleplaying games. There’s a product and service to simulate anything and everything.

Pillow sex is placebo. It’s not a substitute for the real adventure, but it does come pretty close.

You need a pillow, pillow cover, lotion, and an onahole. Porn is optional.

I bought this pillow cover during a period in my life, when I was studying at home via open university. It’s an official brand product I bought on pre-order – these things sell out if you dawdle. It cost me 80.00€, plus shipping and import tax. Her size is the standard 150×50 centimeters. The pillow cover has a zipper. You put a separate insert pillow inside the cover, and then close the zipper.

The insert pillow I personally crafted using some fabric and cotton from a local boutique. I sewed the seams with my limited skills obtained from textile work classes at school. The materials cost ~20€, and the crafting took two days. You can also buy insert pillows at 20-40€ from many stores, just search for “hug pillow”.

There’s a lot of social shame around sexuality. Depending on community, you can be shunned for having too little sex, or too much sex. Some communities are horrified by sex between two people of the same sex. Kinkiness in bed is sometimes judged, but so is vanilla sex for being boring. I’ve tried my hand at sex, and currently mostly masturbate. I work actively to increase sex in my life, because it’s important for happiness and mental health.

You’d think that you could just dryhump a pillow without equipment. You can, but to experience the best orgasms, you need an onahole (Japanese pocket pussy). You cannot use just any onahole, it needs to be a very basic design, sealed at the end. The onahole acts as a condom. There are many kinds of onaholes, and I cannot guarantee your success with any complicated bulgy designs. For me, the only onahole I use with my Yoko Littner, is the Tenga 3D. I personally own two holes from this lineup; Tenga 3D Pile and Tenga 3D Spiral. They are good for pillow sex only, as they are horribly bland for handjobs. Even at their normal price range at $20-40, I would not recommend getting one for handjobs. For handjobs, get Tenga Flip Hole.

Tenga is one of the best sextoy designers on the market. I’ve read that their wares are sold in normal Japanese stores, due to their design, which makes them palatable for the public eye. They don’t look like genitals. The picture to the left showcases the inner design; it’s flipped inside out in use.

You need lotion that stays fluid a long time. You might orgasm quickly when you first experience pillow sex, because it feels real spanking good. But in case you have any self-discripline, you will want a quality lotion that stays fluid for at least 10 minutes – Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion by ToysHeart accomplishes this task.

If you can prolong your fuck session enough, you will activate more nerves in the sensitive areas of your body, your brain’s dopamine production will kick into overdrive, and the consequent orgasm will blow your fucking mind and stay with you. I’m usually paralyzed afterwards for a good 5-10 minutes, just lingering in ecstasy.

Onaholes are not complicated: You apply three doses of lotion in the onahole, and one dose on your penis. Most lubricant bottles are pump bottles, so that’s what I’m referring to with doses. Oh, and you need an erection. Ram your hard cock into the onahole, it engulfs your glans. Pocket pussies are designed to create a vacuum, that simulates a real woman’s vagina.

Alright, your penis is now wrapped in the hole. Put on some tight underpants! The pants keep the onahole in place, and you can free your hands. You don’t need anything more complicated than that; just some tight pants. I usually use the grey boxers featured in the pictures here.

Let’s talk about the pillow. Hug pillows, or “dakimakura” in Japanese, are rather fucking hot as sextoys go. They are also very large items, 150×50 centimeters, which makes it hard to hide them. If you live in a household with other people, you should consider my solution. As you can see, I bought a cover girl that has her clothes on. If you have the privacy, you can consider the raunchier covers in the market.

On sex positions: I have not experimented with positions too much. It’s a little difficult, frankly, due to natural limitations. Pillow sex with the equipment listed here, hinges on you sexually abusing the law of gravity. You need to keep the onahole in place, without your hands. You generally want to lie on your back, in a very basic missionary position, with the pillow on top. When you lie on your back with the daki on top, she puts pressure on your penis inside the onahole. The pussy milks you, while you dryhump her on the pussy area. The illusion is very real, like having a wet dream while awake.

What makes dakimakura sex real fucking good, is that you can snuggle the pillow. You can wrap your legs and arms around her, give her kisses, it’s literal sex simulation. Your primal hunter-gatherer brain is so stupid, your senses cannot tell the difference between skin and fabric. Your dick is like a fly stuck in a hot car on a summer drive, smashing its head at the window.


Almost every company, including the Japanese ones, outsource their textile manufacturing to Chinese factories. But there are vast differences between manufacturers and retailers. Good companies associate with other good companies. Some random sweat shop in a chink cancer village, does not have safety standards on the materials and processes they use. They often soak their wares in chemicals like formaldehyde in quantities above safety standards. My recommendation is that you only get official products, made by trusted brand retailers from developed countries in the EU-US-Japan axiom. They are the safest, because they are held accountable by multiple institutions.

JLIST has been my shop for adult items since 2014. If something’s not in stock, ask them to restock.

We make sales commissions from JLIST, so you can be skeptical of my next advice. Years ago, when I decided to buy a pillow cover, all shops selling this particular Yoko Littner cover were sold out. I explored cheaper Chinese pirate shops. My first dakimakura cover, I bought from a chink shop for ~$40.00. They even miss-labeled the price of the item, so I circumvented import tax. The website was pretty sleek although pages were written in broken English. The salesman was nice too, I exchanged many emails with him. Everything else was fine about the experience, except that the cover, after three days of exposure to it, made my skin feel like burning. I was attached to the cover, and didn’t wanna throw her away. I kept the pillow for a week. My penis started feeling the same burning. I used soap (big mistake), to remove the burning, which destroyed the defensive microbes on my skin. What happened next, I still don’t understand fully, because I contracted some unnamed infection, which was possibly what caused small blood vessels in my penis to explode. Every time I masturbated, I popped another vessel. The infection was treated with an antibiotic cream, which the doctor nonchalantly said, had a coin-flip chance of making my condition worse. I also had to remove all sexual imagery from my vicinity, to avoid an erection that might cause another rupture. I was horny, in constant pain, for two weeks straight.

We had to throw away the blankets, mattresses, everything that the pillow had touched. We washed the pillow in a machine, and the blankets, and none of it removed the unnamed substance that caused the burning. We threw away hundreds of euros worth of stuff. The multiple doctor visits, and the cream added to the bill. My penis spent a month recovering. Frankly speaking, it changed me. The Otaku Apologist was born in the same hellfires that burned my favorite bedsheets.

Fuck communism. Buy a sexy dakimakura for your dry-humping fucktimes.


Anon February 14, 2021 - 5:40 am

My probleme with jlist is they only have dakimakura covers and inflatable pillows. Where can I find a real dakimakura that includes a onahole insert? (eu shipping)

Dax MOgis April 7, 2021 - 6:32 am

Halo Dakimakura has emm. They look kinds of sketchy cause no reviews are public but I was very satisfied with the non onahole one I got a couple years ago from there.


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