I am Otaku Apologist, the grand architect behind this globalist hentai review website. This review is the final solution, the gospel of masturbation, that will illuminate to you that you cannot be a strong, independent white male, without a double-sided pussy cup.

Glory to the Empire; God bless The Two-Hole System of EnjoyToys’ Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole. Toy provided by JLIST.

Ahhh, two fine young asses to appropriate and white wash with my sperm, pussies gaping open from the anticipation of copulation. This is how I like my women; easy, and paid for. The leftmost girl is definitely 18 years old, she’s just a late bloomer taking her sweet time to grow her A-cups. Hot and edible, like fine cheese pizza.

The Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole is a very compact toy. I like my pussy compact, because smaller specimens are easier to manipulate, and hold down. Small size enables fast-paced rides. You just fuck yourself, and you fuck yourself, and fuck yourself. The material feels soft and skin-like, though I noticed it had imperfections out of the box, more than my onaholes usually have – just scratching the toy seems to cause mild damage to it. Not surprising, because she is on the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum, possibly made of cheaper material, which I expect to adversely affect its lifespan. Onaholes are often guaranteed by manufacturers to last at least 30-50 rides, though that depends entirely on how hard you use them.

The toy’s material also has a mild rubber odor, but nothing like the morbid-smelling crap I ordered from pirate chink shops back in the day. I don’t mean to be racist, but due to negative anecdotal experiences involving my male glans, I am voting for the candidate that promises to euthanize the slint eyes via a seismic nuclear purge.

Even the name implies, this is a double hole, which gladly is not even false advertising. The two holes bear a minor difference: the mother is more loose, as expected of a FILTHY BREEDING RAPE VESSEL. Her daughter is tighter, a lovely little lady with her hymen intact. To my delight, I noticed a mild plop sound you get, when penetrating “the daughter”. It was a pleasent reminder of my top three favorite onahole, the Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole. That hole makes hella noise, but it’s what you do to get the plop, that feels oh-my-god so good: The pussy puts up a resistance, she doesn’t just gobble the cock like it’s nothing to her. You have to push hard and forcefully, you gotta pry her cunt gaping open and twist the knife in the womb.

The main feature of this hole is that it’s got two. A valid question is, is it fun to switch between these holes? I don’t think so, but I am unfortunately desensitized to hell due to my work. Either way, for me, this feature adds nothing to the experience. The feature has tons of offsets too, like the vacuum suction you expect from an onahole, is not as strong with this hole, due to it having that other hole. The interior is designed such that it compensates for that lack of a vacuum, by creating multitudes of mini-vacuums between the ribs and the bumps. What you get is a tight hole, that doesn’t hold you tight, that makes a loud “throat noise”, like Sadako from The Ring.

“grrRghHr GrrrRrhH hHhrRrhR”… I happen to speak to the dead when I’m so often contemplating the evanescence of my earthly vessel. I can translate that for you. She says:  “you sure you want a loud-as-hell fucktoy that even wakes the dead?”

Let’s look at this bitch a little closer.

The bitch is a deformed gross-looking rubber fucktube with insides shaped for your penis. What a twist! And the holes look vastly different on the outside: middle pic is “the mother”, rightmost pic is “the daughter”. Does it look immersive, with the labia and the clitoris? Lube them up, and your hunter-gatherer brain can’t tell the difference. My personal recommendation for lube remains Female Nectar Lotion.

Illustration of the inner structure. Observe the tiny pockets between the bumps; those create the mini vacuum pockets.

Let’s talk about cumming. The best part about onaholes is cumming inside of them. TRIGGER WARNING: The great joy about raping rubber pussy mimics, is that they trigger the primal male urge to plunge deep inside a female, and sow your hot, steaming seed inside her womb. The spoonful is no lie; leaving a load in a floppy vagina, is the greatest source of joy for a male. And therein lies the problem: You cannot cum inside the Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole. The toy’s design is a double-edged sword; your cum spews out from the open end, like a volcano erupted. Unless it’s your kink to make a mess of yourself, the preferrable option is to cum inside. It just feels better, when there’s something at the end of my cock gobbling what cums out. What about you? What’s your passion in life?

Cleaning: because the toy isn’t sealed at the end, flushing it after use is slightly easier. But even though it is easy, to flush the lube and cum out, the drying process is not so simple; you have two holes, both tight, with tiny pockets riddling the insides of them. Leaving the toy in a ventilated open area in room temperature, is not enough to dry it, some moisture will remain in those inner structures. You need a very thin towel, not the average towel that’s too thick in texture. A micro-fiber glove will work perfectly. Finger-fuck till total cleanliness.

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