As a subscriber to Winged Cloud’s Patreon, I received this public relations statement from the company, absolving them of all accusations made by some Youtuber no-one cares about. This highly controlled statement from the people with a vested financial self-interest in preserving customer relationships, proves once and for all, that no misconduct is taking place at Winged Cloud, absolutely none. Read: NONE.
These statements are in response to this video.

Dear Patrons,

it may be the time to comment on the video that was released lately regarding the company, or being more specific, the head of the company. Since this is a more serious post, we apologize to those, who are here for the entertaining aspect of our Patreon page but I want to tell you my opinion as well, as part of Winged Cloud.

Some refer to me as PR-Kun, even though the person before me got the name. I joined Winged Cloud about a year ago and this post speaks for myself and my opinion, not for the company.

Some of us watched the video and got confused. Most of these things happened before I joined Winged Cloud, so I’m not the one to judge what happened years ago. I myself had a very positive experience with Winged Cloud. If I wasn’t happy with the way we work or the way we get treated, wouldn’t we leave anyway? Wouldn’t the worker’s rights always back us?

On the day the video released, I talked to Wanaca about it. I wanted to quote her, but she posted a nice statement herself.

Again, sorry for this being off-topic from the normal Patreon posts but maybe it was neccessary to say it. Hopefully you can understand my point here and again – it’s my point of view, I’m not speaking for the company.

Also bashing the head of the company is something different than attacking someone personal. If the video hurts the company, it hurts the employees as well – ¬†and if we employees wouldn’t care for the company, we wouldn’t stay. I enjoy working for Winged Cloud.

Kind regards,