Written by Otaku Apologist

With the dating market infested with feminists and rape-hysteric princesses, I imagine many of you fantasize about paid sex. I have paid for sex several times. I budget a small portion of my earnings from blogging hentai, to recreational activities. I don’t drink, smoke, or gamble. My recreational activities are thus limited to hamburgers, and hookers.

Before we dive into the topic of paid sex, I want to state that I believe firmly in exclusive long-term relationships – my mother and father have been married for over 30 years. If you can manage a high-quality girlfriend, stick with that. Date her enough to ensure she’s not a closet feminist, then marry her, and breed her ass. You have no reason to change partners for sex, because sex in a healthy long-term relationship gets better, and better, as you both learn to pleasure each other.

Forgetting women who randomly sell pussy when desperate for cash, your choice is between cheap hookers, and high-class escorts. Hookers are low-class females with personal issues that keep them from capitalizing on their sexual market value. They can be ugly, mentally ill, addicted to drugs. They can be victims of human trafficking, they have pimps, they can be part of international criminal networks. If you want a cheap bang, you fuck a hooker. Escorts are a different breed: They are independent entrepreneurs, whose merchandise is between their legs.

Escorts are generally speaking the most beautiful women on the planet. These women have sexual market value up the ass, which they leverage to the fullest. A day with an escort can cost $1000+. They list prices for days, and entire weeks, for the very reason that wealthy businessmen, and politicians who slush fund your tax dollars, fuck their pussies all the time. When you can afford a 20+ year old bimbo with the sexual experience of a 40-year old, shelling out the cash, is a no-brainer.

I am yet to book a proper escort, for the obvious reason that their rate is double, even triple that of normal sex workers. I’ve bought erotic massages with a happy ending, as I like a good warm-up before sex. In addition to escort sites, there’s websites that allow women to post ads for sexual services, without directly mentioning the sex is for-pay. They avoid saying the sex is paid, to avoid legal trouble. These “sex dating sites” will have ads for massages, strip tease shows, dates, and other. You can shoot the girls email, but many only accept phone calls.

Gather up some numbers, and call some girls. When you’re done fumbling on the phone, because she triggered your phobia of rejection, call another. Write up the numbers of the girls that replied back, make sure you have at least 6-10 numbers. They can go for lunch while you’re on the bus. To be safe, secure $200 in cash, for the full experience.

The challenge is finding to her place. Check google maps before the date, and plan your route. Ask people for directions. You might take a while to find her apartment. Travel can get annoying, but she’s waiting for you. She is dressing up in sexy lingerie, using fingers, dildos, and vibrators to warm up her holes. Her panties are wet by the time you knock. At the door, you both have butterflies flying in your stomachs. You share greetings, get in, shut the door. From there on out, for a full hour, her body is all yours.

You’re gonna take a shower first. You’re sweaty from all the walking. She will ask you what you want, and list her prices. A massage and a blowjob cost much less than an hour of ramming your cock in her ass. You can have extended foreplay, with hugging, kissing (not on mouth), or jump straight to pumping her cunt. She doesn’t have to be attracted to you, she’ll just rub a lubricant in her vagina, and your condom-covered dick. Because you’re a paying customer, she only cares that you cum. Escorts usually allow unlimited cumshots, and some even allow you to take photos with a camera, with your cum in her mouth. Hookers consider the contract complete once the condom is filled up – if you wanna go again, she may cut you a discount. But you can forget about photographing her pussy with your dick inside, because, you know, international crime, and all that.

Good sex depends on good communication. When picking a girl for sex, you should only fuck ones you have an easy time communicating with. You have to state your needs with clarity, and be honest about your limits. There’s a lot of negotiating that goes on in bed. When you have a partner that’s easy to talk to, you have great chances of having a great time.

If you’ve never had sex before, the experience can be scary. But it really doesn’t take long before you learn foreplay, and find your favorite sex position. Every human being is an animal, with animal instincts. The moment she gets on all-fours, and guides your cock inside of her dripping wet vagina, those instincts kick in. Your body knows what to do.