Written by Otaku Apologist

Hey, guys. I know there’s several Sinnerfans lurking this website after our months of promotion. I wanna update you about what’s going on, and explain some things.

We are close to a total meltdown of relations with Sinner and me, once again. He’s taken down my most important ad on the front page, and it’s uncertain if we’ll work together again. It’s been like this since 2016 when I sponsored an art contest for the now-defunct Sinnergate.com.

Firstly, I hope you guys can understand, making a living in the current online environment, is a challenge akin to climbing a mountain. Lots of people feel that one or more groups are standing in the way of social progress – those are your customers. Social media and the news have become filled with calls for violence against politicians, and people. The situation is that bad.

What makes this environment particularly difficult to maneuver, is that the lines for accepted speech have become impossible to identify. People draw their lines in the sand, based oftentimes on nothing more than feeling. Everything is fine until you suddenly cross the line – then all hell breaks loose. Situations escalate from menial arguments, to cutting ties.

When the opinions of customers are highly polarized, the ramifications are grave for businesses. Most companies are adopting a no-risk approach: Employees who say anything offensive, are immediately fired on a zero-tolerance basis. If any backlash occurs, you’re out. Advertisements are safe, and politically correct. Companies are increasingly policing the placement of their ads on Youtube especially, in fear of consumers learning to associate their brand with anything offensive. This makes sense, because you will quickly lose business.

Social media is where most small online companies seek their customers. But the social media environment is now completely unstable. Accounts can be banned for anything at any time. The social media companies (ie. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube), have made it extremely easy for their customers to report content, in addition to keeping a staff of censors who demonetize content, censor content, ban accounts, no matter the damage to your income. Moreover, governments are increasingly authoritarian towards social media platforms, threatening massive fines unless they police the content their own consumers post. They use the term “hate speech”, which means “free speech that pisses somebody off”. We now have hate speech laws in the west, that prohibit people from publicly expressing opinions that anybody takes offense with. This definition of accepted speech is rife for abuse. The facts behind the statement are not contested, it doesn’t matter if what you say is true, only that it was offensive.

Simply put, the current online environment is not a fun place to work. I personally keep losing freelancers, business partners, and customers, over singular exchanges of words. You can’t joke about the wrong topics, you have to keep extreme professional distance, you have to be constantly contacting new people to replace sudden leavers. All business partners have to be scouted with extreme care, to avoid investing time, money, and energy into a partner that will suddenly fuck you over. This causes massive stress for everyone, causing the very fights you are looking to avoid. You have to constantly think hard what you can say to a person, which causes extreme mental fatigue. Personally I have a terrible headache from morning to night, and constant anxiety issues that together cause me to become a very different person – I call this version of myself the Otaku Apologist.

My online personality is terrible. The more terrible the online environment becomes, the more toxic things I say, the more dramatic my humor. I expunge my mental fatigue in my writings. Sometimes I rant about things people agree are terrible, sometimes I piss everyone off.

In this unstable environment, where I basically cannot trust anybody, I have adopted a survival toolkit. I scout for information, in an effort to map out risks. I have lots of conversations with people. I poke, push, and annoy people until they react – when they react, I gain information. With that information, I adjust my verbal output. I purposely instigate arguments if I spot the slightest friction in communication with someone. You cannot build infrastructure around flaky people you have friction with.┬áPeople who are able to manage themselves in an argument like mature adults, are the only people I trust as my partners. If you don’t scout your partners carefully, a bad day will come, when both of you are tired, and an argument will start. Relationships that can be broken over a single argument, are not stable investments of your time, energy, or money.

At the time of writing, we are arguing with Sinner once again. Something I wrote crossed a magical line for some of his customers, and he lost business. We’ve always had these rows at the end of an advertising period. So far, we’ve always managed to talk things out, though every time it’s been close to the final nail in the coffin. After over a year of writing posts at Sinner’s website, none of the often offensive things I said caused backlash from the userbase, until something did. I have no clue which post. A magical line was just crossed.

I love you Sinner. It’s just that our customers are victims of authoritarian government propaganda and politics.