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Fornicating In The Forest: Forest Fortress Released on Nutaku

by OtakuApologist

Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

“Forest Fortress Live2d” is an animated hentai visual novel. Released April 4th, it’s a nifty new fap game full of fantasy tropes. The non-linear branching storyline may lead to multiple romantic endings with different girls. Adventures await you, in a forest full of puzzles and secrets.

Indie eroge developer Flaming Firefly, previously known for Treasure of a Blizzard, is back with their game set in a fantasy forest. As the protagonist, named Dale, the player must decide the fate of the forest, and all of its inhabitants while trying to deepen his relationship with several exotic monster girls.

About Forest Fortress

Dale went to the cursed forest to learn more about the reasons of arising disease that spread in the neighboring village. During his search he meets a squirrel-girl who warns Dale about danger. She advises him to leave the forest before night falls, otherwise he will share the fate of the dryads. But it was too late… You can try to set the forest free of the curse and follow the way of light or you can obey the will of corruption… If your heart is opened for romance, you will have a chance to find an exotic soulmate during your travels around the mysterious forest. Your soulmate will keep you company during your stay in the gloomy forest.

Key Game Features

• Fully-animated characters (Live 2D)
• 3 exotic-looking girls to start relationship with
• 9 animated uncensored sex scenes (Live 2D)
• High-quality 1080p backgrounds and eye-catching static CG
• Your choices will influence the endings

Price: $15

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