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Cat-banging Visual Novel Series Nekopara Breaks 2 Million Sales

by OtakuApologist

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Producers of Neko Works has announced that their highly esteemed cat-girl eroge Nekopara has accumulated over 2 million sales, a glorious achievement that perhaps proves that brutal gang rape, monsters, and humiliation aren’t vital to the success of an eroge. Not all anime fappers want to see the world burn, some are content with just cute maid kittens getting their ripe young wombs creamed into oblivion.

Neko Works made an announcement via Twitter, declaring that the game (as well as their upcoming title, Love Cube, which will be illustrated by Ishikei) will be getting a special feature in magazine Tech Giant.

“In commemoration of Nekopara breaking 2 million sales, the June issue of Tech Giant released today has a big feature on Nekopara and Love Cube! In addition, the feature also has an interview with artist Ishikei! We have also released the first ever animated picture of one of the girls in Love Cube! Do please read the magazine!”

The series spans four separate volumes focusing on quirky and cute catgirls working in a local pastry shop. The series has quickly become one of the most successful Western published visual novels ever. According to Steamspy all of the volumes easily broke 500k downloads and some of them soared even higher to the 1 million mark. In addition to that, all of the games sit on a whopping 90%+ approval ratings by thousands of users professing their love to Sayori’s exquisite art, and also the funny, engaging stories.

Nekopara reached such heights of popularity, in fact, that it also got its own kickstarted 1-hour anime OVA that served as an adaptation of the first volume of the franchise with a few extra fan tidbits added in for hardcore catgirl enthusiasts.

The cash cow status of the whole franchise will without a doubt produce more spin-offs, if not direct sequels. Sayori’s art is just that good to make all of this happen.

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