Written by Otaku Apologist

Super Pochaco is the phat-ass sister of the fictional pop idol, Super Sonico. She’s a cheerful chunk of meat whose feminine smile just screams for baby cream in every hole in her body. In 2017, JLIST partnered with a Japanese company called Softgarage that crafts premium oppai mousepads. These mousepads are massive in size.

The production company is a small group of hand-crafting specialists.

JLIST’s very own Swaps4 blogged this about the mousepad:

We’ve teamed up with Softgarage to bring you this “real life size” butt mousepad of Super Pochaco. The illustration is by Nitroplus’s master illustrator Santa Tsuji himself. This mousepad features the cute suntanned black bikini wearing Super Pochaco sticking her plump ass out for you to feel while you use your mouse and for added realism, her sexy T-Back bikini thong can be removed.

She’s handmade in Hamamatsu, Japan, with custom silicon pieces made out of high-quality M.J.SuperSoft 2.0. for a more realistic and comfortable computing experience, and the outer printing is printed on high-quality 2-way tricot cloth (same material used on dakimakuras). You can pre-order her now at our shop!

Yes, you read that right. Pochaco’s gorgeous tanned ass is covered by a tiny black bikini bottom, that you can remove at will. We don’t have a picture of her pussy, but rest assured it’s uncensored. This mousepad idea is insanely perverted, it makes the child-raping bankers of the Rothschild cartel blush. The item is so frigging large, it ships via EMS Express only.

Welcome to the free market. You work your ass off, in jobs that feel like ass, to buy more ass.

Price: $450.00
Size: W47xH62x9cmcm (18.5×24.4×3.5in)
Material: MJ Supersoft, 2way Tricot