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Onahole Review: Taimanin Asagi 3 Sakura Onahole

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Taimanin Asagi 3 Sakura Onahole, developed by Japanese company PxPxP. Sold at Toydemon for $20.00. An ultra tight rubber vagina based on the anti-demon ninja Sakura Igawa. She’s the younger of the Igawa sisters, from the legendary bondage rape hentai franchise Taimanin Asagi. This toy caught my eye while browsing Toydemon, and I instantly bought her. I’ve loved this character for years, because her design reminds me of my 6th grade English teacher, who had the most massive knockers. Short-haired blondes like hit my spot, though none of that is relevant, as this hole doesn’t have a body.

Let’s dim the lights, and shut down the television. It’s time to talk about anime pussy.


The package shows the toy’s internal structure, and shows its specs. The images on the cardboard depict the beautiful ninja girl, Sakura in full ninja gear. She’s wielding her swords, used to cut down demons. Her boobs are so massive, her hard nipples look ready to poke a hole into her skin-tight costume. She’s smiling cheerfully, no doubt because she’s rocking her female privilege to the maximum. This little teenage cum dumpster has her secrets; How much cock is she really taking while nobody is watching? It speaks volumes of her character, that despite being incredibly competent at fighting, she’s constantly getting her ass captured and raped in dark dungeons. Hordes of orcs are always pumping fat sloppy loads into her little pussy. Maybe she ubconsciously wants to get fucked?

We can’t moralize women for exercising their right for out-of-control sexual behavior. Criticizing women for taking life-destroying risks is sexist, and Hentaireviews, will never be associated with any cultural marxism. I mean misogyny.


The material is firm, but silky soft. On a penis, all lubricated, she’s a hungry slut that slurps your pecker up and down. After my several rides, the rubber has gotten a little sticky from the lubricants I’ve applied on it. You can see the shine in the pictures. It feels almost slimy in the hand now. You are advised to only use water-based lubricants on this hole.


This onahole is the tightest fuck you’ll ever have in your life. I was pleasantly surprised, by how electrifying this pussy felt. It’s grip is intense, but perhaps not fit for larger than average penises. It’s so tight, you have to push to reach the deepest part. While sucking your glans, it’s like electric currents run through your mushroom tip. The stimulation is wholesome, and it spreads. The feeling only gets more intense as you keep dipping your dick in the hole. The vacuum suction is juicy, and much more powerful than your average woman’s vagina. Buy this hole today, disappoint your girlfriend tomorrow.

Of all the onaholes I’ve reviewed over the years, this baby is the best value upgrade to handjob masturbation for the price. Usually, a hole that feels this good costs three times more. Cumming inside of it is blissful.

This toy makes very slight noise, nothing like the creepy ghostly throat gurgle I experienced while riding certain other toys. It’s one of the more quiet toys out there, possibly good for fapping in public toilets. Who knows?


The cleaning is standard fare, and a simple matter, despite the hole being sealed off. Pour water from a tap, flush out the cum and lube, and squeeze out the water. Finger the hole to remove leftover moist. The internal structure is so straightforward, you can just finger-fuck her clean, and leave the toy to air dry. If the hole had a complex layer of ribs and bumps, that would complicate things, but not here.


Taimanin Asagi 3 Sakura Onahole, is an eager cum dumpster that flows talent. It’s very compact, and easy to tuck into a bag for sneaky bathroom sessions at school, or elsewhere. She upgrades your handjobs to the next level. The toy is incredibly affordable, and will last on you easily 15-20 rides before wear and tear occurs.

This product is available at Toydemon for $20.00, and OtonaJP for 1940 yen.

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Tim October 21, 2019 - 11:57 pm

Great review! I think I’ll go ahead and buy this one. Is Toydemon the best place to buy it?

OtakuApologist October 22, 2019 - 12:01 am

If they still got stock, yeah.


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