Written by Otaku Apologist

Our monthly revenues are beginning to exceed $2000, all sources combined. Before we talk numbers, I want to remind everyone that there’s a reason most businesses don’t publish their numbers. You don’t want your competition to leverage knowledge of your operation to steal your employees or customers or sabotage your projects. Secrecy is a pivotal aspect of business, which many a times on my career, I’ve foregone in exchange for internet cookies.

That said, let’s look at the harvest from our Sinnercomics campaign. Our Nutaku promotion on Sinnercomics started around autumn 2017 and lasted until June 2018 when Sinner got pissed off and cut ties with me again (it’s the third time). If you’re reading this Sinner, I love you, even though your customer strategy is pure pyshocpathic bottom-feeding bullshit.

As we can assess, we’re making a comfortable $200-400 a month from the Sinnerfans. Every two months of Nutaku advertising at Sinnercomics increased my sales earnings by $100. The promotion lasted for around 7 months, during which time we received healthy commissions from promoting Nutaku’s download titles along with the browser games. Sadly, without my download game promotions up on Sinner’s site, my commissions are 50% smaller.

Now, let’s look at my main campaign. The below screenshot contains my Nutaku sales information from all my websites combined. We’re making a lovely $1200-1400 in sales consistently.

Before we jizz from joy, let’s do a reality check. This will be educational for our readers aspiring to be hentai hustlers.

Let’s imagine that I pay for a news article every day. 31 (days) x $20 = $620.

Let’s say I commission another 15 pages of full-color comics. 15 (pages) x $50 = $750

I’m also sponsoring several popular tumblr blogs as of last June, replacing Sinnercomics as my main source of new signups. I pay these tumblr bloggers $1.5 for each new signup. If the bloggers are as active as last month, we’re getting 200 new signups this month. 1.5 (dollars) x 200 = $300.

620+750+300 makes $1670. Basic operational costs alone are daining about 80% of our budget. Whoops!

Before we get depressed about our expenses we have to remember that by spending money on the business, we are building our future income. The comics will be great fap content for customers old and new for years to come. The game reviews will receive search engine traffic for years. The customers we attract with content will hopefully stick around.

Lifting Hentaireviews to the next level is going to be a tremendous undertaking requiring the contributions of countless partners, customers, and freelancers. Will only $2000 a month be enough to build a million dollar hentai empire?

Of course it’s fucking enough.

You motherfuckers forget, the same lifetime of humiliation and trauma that made me into this insane memester fuckboy sustains me on hours when I just want to end it. You look at the memes and the dumbass drama I stir up year after year, like this nerd ain’t going nowhere. Well, now you see my money. Now you know what the plan was. You see the crazy shady bastards I worked with, just because they got traffic and information I needed. You see where it got me, and at this point you know, I have nothing stopping me from pushing myself to the next level.

Stop underestimating me, you whores. Fuck you.