Written by Otaku Apologist

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was a popular mecha-themed anime show, first aired on television in 2007. The show had a bunch of cool characters, which nobody remembers, or cares about. The only character anybody gives any fucks about is the fan service girl, Yoko Motherfucking Littner. Numerous collectible figures have been made of her over the years. So popular is this bitch that even in 2018, 11 years later, companies are still making new Yoko figures.

Created by Hobby Max, this iteration of Yoko is wearing a raunchy racing queen outfit. Pre-order now.

From the official Gurren Lagann Wikipedia page:

Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English) Yoko is a young woman from Littner, a village neighboring Giha, and is introduced as a member of a small resistance against the beastmen. She helps introduce Simon and Kamina to the surface world, and becomes a member of Team Gurren soon after. She falls in love with Kamina early in the series, and thinks little of Simon until he begins showing signs of self-confidence. After Kamina’s death, she tries to help Simon cope and forms a sisterly relationship with him. Instead of piloting a Gunmen, she wields a high-powered energy rifle and uses her superb marksmanship and wise counsel to help her teammates. She’s rumored to enjoy rough anal sex with animals.

Wearing not a shred of fabric, this erotic figure of the steaming hot redhead Yoko is expressing her female empowerement by barely covering her supple teenaged body in hot leather. She has zippers in her mini skirt, zippers in her knee-high boots, a zipper in her top. This girl knows her way around zippers, she’ll unwrap yours and take that meat stick for a spin in her tight, smiling mouth. For some unfathomable reason she’s carrying around a yellow umbrella. Why? Hot girls have secrets. Don’t probe her if you can’t handle her sexual past. Her height is 23cm (9.1in). The perfect slutty addition to your collection.

Racing Queen Yoko retails for $155.00 at JLIST. This preorder item is scheduled to release in April 2019. Buy this figure today.