Written by Otaku Apologist

Last July, the traffic to Hentaireviews doubled. We went from 3000 daily page views to 6000, with peak days reaching over 8000 views. Two months ago, we were averaging only 1500 daily page views.

This increase was enabled by our fans sharing out content, but also several search engine optimization (SEO) services, and traffic pumping services I employed. I also bought banner space from Juicyads.com, redirecting traffic from various porn sites to Hentaireviews. For adult content sites, Juicyads is much cheaper for traffic pumping than Google ad words.

I invested $200 into Juicyads banners. These banners are bringing us up to 300 new visitors for only $6.70 per day, for the next 30 days. In comparison, Google ad words taxes up to 3 dollars per visitor.

I used several affordable SEO services on Fiverr.com, which is a website for B2B transactions between online entrepreneurs. Several gigs were outright hustles I had to refund, but a couple guys did their jobs spectacularly. SEO services on Fiverr I can recommend are Estratonautico, and Paras71. I also bought the services of Adultseobusiness.com. They expertly adviced me on several issues that needed to be resolved, they are promoting my site on several adult blogs, plus building more backlinks. Total sum I spent on SEO was around $800.

Our monthly budget of $2000 was divided between several comic projects, game reviews, news articles, and the aforementioned SEO. This month’s budget is allocated almost fully to writing work; I want us to produce at least 60 new articles this August. I want us primed to produce 100 monthly publications within 3 months.

The new payment model will empower us to achieve this goal. I’m reducing the pay per article $2 to $5 per writeup. The hurt to the writers’ income is minimal, but it has a profound effect. At 30 articles a month, $5 reduction to payments saves $150. If I commission 60 articles this month, the savings total $300.

$300 is 6 new full-color comic pages, or 9 new game reviews. It’s thousands of new visitors from search engine hits, hundreds of game downloads, and tens of products flying off the shelves of our carefully vetted advertisers.


Hentai anime reviews: $25

Nutaku game reviews: $41

Other game reviews: $32

Midway update post: $20-30

Other articles: $22


This payment model applies to everyone else, except Flamecaster, who enjoys a special rate slightly above the rest. Flamecaster’s productivity and eye for quality raised our site to new levels in only three months time, which made it possible for us to attract our growing staff of passionate hentai writers.

Everyone who writes now for these rates will be in prime positions to negotiate higher rates in the coming months. You also gain the experience and tons of articles to show off to other businesses, smoothing out your negotiations about possible gigs available at sites like Sankaku Complex, and Lewdgamer. As our brand gains prominence, I can talk companies into promotional deals like free sextoy shipments, free game licenses, sponsored reviews, and more.

Additionally, hentai game reviewers can now monetize their hobby by writing candid reports called midway update posts about their eroge playthroughs. My preference is that you will write about Nutaku’s games, as they’re the only hentai game company whose products sell consistently. If you’re writing about Nutaku games, licenses will be provided for free.