Written by Otaku Apologist

I’m a big fan of Hooligapps’ games. It’s not just the fun. Thanks to this company launching their best-selling games on Nutaku, our website’s financial status has improved considerably since 2017.

Hooligapps is a master at monetizing their free to play hentai browser games. Their games are some of the most popular in the western hentai scene for their addicting gameplay, buxom anime babes, hardcore dirty talk, and themes that epitomize the cultural decay of our dying multicultural societies. They capture the materialistic, nihilistic, anti-christian zeitgeist that encapsulates the soul of our disillusioned generations.

I have personally introduced thousands of players to Hooligapps by guest blogging about their products on massively popular hentai tumblr blogs, and in particular Sinnercomics.com. It was thanks to my Sinnercomics ad campaigns between 2016 and 2018, often promoting this company’s offerings on Nutaku’s revenue share payment plan, that I have a growing hentai business in my hands.

However, Hooligapps is not always doing things perfectly. They have done dirty things while building their company up. The company is now making mistakes in their flagship title, Cunt Wars.

I have been saddened to see Cunt Wars suffering from glitches for many months straight. Today on the 17th of October 2018, when I logged in, I was met with a whole new set of visual glitches.

The game is also crashing frequently. The crashes happen during player-versus-player matches, often on the last turn when I’m about to lose a game. Most of my gaming sessions end to a crash.

This is just my projection based on personal experiences from working with companies in the hentai scene. Issues in the products often reflect internal issues inside of a company. I cannot believe that the code geeks of a highly successful company like Hooligapps would be making mistakes like this, unless the management is abusing their employees. I have no inside information, all I know is that you have the resources to handle your business professionally. Yet, these glitches are appearing frequently.

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Please fix your game, and treat your employees with love and respect.