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Hentaireviews December 2018 Business Update

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

November was a good month for Hentaireviews. Traffic was stable at 5000-6000 daily page views. At the same time, Otakusexart has been keeping 2000+ daily page views consistently. With so many great comics finishing up, anime fappers around the web feel the summon of good porn.

What’s notable about current traffic stats is that for the past week, we were not whoring new visitors from N4G.com or Reddit. Search engine hits have not grown substantially, staying at 1400-1900 daily hits.

I suspect my sites are finally attracting a stable regular base of visitors.

Our coverage of DLsite games has been great for traffic. Japanese indie developers are creating some of the most incredibly perverted porn games on RPG Maker. It’s like the whole island nation is flipping the middle-finger at the mediocrity of western developers. We really, really suck, and need to up our game.

Rastafoo69 has been taking care of a lot of promotion. He’s been spreading content into various subreddits and forums, and contributing daily high-quality content. His commitment has been making the site grow very fast. Good job, man!

Our main source of revenue remains Nutaku. Our other advertisers are paying out a hundred here and there.

This view is from my main Adultforce account. Our monthly sales are going up and down by a margin of $400. The fluctuation is a real concern. People buy games in bursts and then wait for months before buying more. This makes our income unpredictable, and makes budgeting more difficult. To counteract this fluctuation, I’ll be building a buffer from now on, banking excess cash from good months into a special stash.

This view is from my blog sponsorship account. Last summer, I enrolled several popular hentai bloggers on tumblr to promote Nutaku’s products. I re-invested virtually all of the revenue the bloggers brought in. We’re now receiving another $300+ every month from the new customers. The sponsorship campaigns were a solid success.

This view is from my Sinnercomics sponsorship account. Sinnerfans from our 2017-2018 ad campaigns on Sinnercomics are continuing to bust nuts at free hentai browser games. We made almost $600 from the Sinnerfans this month.

As mentioned above, other advertisers are paying out a hundred here and there.

We have enough resources coming in from my successful guest blogging ventures and sponsorship programs to operate without hiccups. But Hentaireviews itself is not profitable yet. It’s going to cost potentially years and thousands of more dollars before my shop is turning a profit.

I will continue shelving cash at this because it’s clearly having an effect. Fappers are loving the content we put out and returning for sloppy seconds. However, it’s been four years of constant battle, and I’m tired of not banking anything. Starting early 2019, I’m finally setting a profit margin. I’m taking half of each month’s profits for my own use. I deserve it.

Thanks everyone for helping us get to this point. Cheers.

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