As you hentai writers know, the world is full of inequality. Some writers are more motivated, they work faster, they earn more money. Inequality is a fact of life, and some articles generate more interest than others.

Massively popular mainstream games are increasingly receiving downloadable mods that update the character models. These mods usually either strip the women’s clothes entirely, or alter them to be more revealing. Writing about these mods poses a particular opportunity for our small site, because many mainstream gaming sites do not cover sexually explicit content. Your nude mod article can become the number one search result in Google.

I want to direct your attention towards these mod releases with an increased bounty: 4.5 cents a word.

If the writeup survives to 1000 words in editing, you earn €45. Realistically the articles will be ~500 words.

You are permitted to hunt the topics from other sites, but not the text. Every word has to be written by you. If you copy text, you make sure it’s quoted. Add your sources with links. You can download the screenshots, but they must be named according to our standard. If I receive a single email or comment that your article is word-for-word from another site, you’re fired. I will contact the site that posted the content, and ask them what happened.


The news must be new. Stories older than 1 year net 3 cents a word.

The game must be popular, ie. Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty.

Write 400 words at minimum. Include 3-10 screenshots.

Note that you don’t have to play the games or download the mods.

You can find new nude mods with screenshots from sites like LoversLab,, etc.