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Lesbian Visual Novel: Seven Days with a Ghost

by notTowfu

Written by Jin0uga, edited by Otaku Apologist

Seven days with a ghost, developed by Lilies Project, published by Denpasoft. Released on April 25th, 2018. Download on Nutaku’s digital store for $9.99. Available for PC Windows. Full Japanese voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Ayako is a cute schoolgirl who needs to get laid. She didn’t realize how much her vagina needed action until she started peeping on lesbian couples on her campus. While trying to prove the existence of a perverted ghost, she discovers her latent homosexual tendencies. This game is very, very fucking gay.


As the president and sole member of the Occult Research Club, Orihaya Ayako has her back against the wall. Because her club has failed to attract members, the school’s bureaucrats are shutting it down. With the dissolution of her club imminent, she concocts a desperate plan to investigate her school for occurrences of true occult phenomena. Unfortunately, the six out of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Academy’ are total hearsay.

Truly desperate, Ayako’s last hope is the outrageous rumor that a ghost will appear if two girls engage in acts of pleasure. With no other leads left, she starts peeping on lesbian couples. As she’s watching her fellow, the hardcore lesbian Anna Amishiro, she accidentally meets the spectral figure she was looking for. However, Ayako is faced with a problem. How is she going to convince everyone that the legendary ghost exists?

A yuri voyeur story line is a rare gem in the world of eroge. The lovingly crafted immersive world kept me hooked from start to finish. Character development is wonderful as well. The more I learned about Ayako, Miyabi and Anna, the more invested I became. Their personality quirks aren’t just for show, I eventually got a deeper look into their motivations.

The only real problem is the extremely long-winded exposition dumps. The game occasionally pauses in the middle of a conversation, explaining terms, or events in the world. It was jarring, but thankfully rare. But if you’re not invested in the characters and the story, you’re going to lose interest quickly. The plot rarely dawdles after covering the basics.


Orihaya Ayako, the protagonist. Before she takes on the pursuit of peeping on other girls, Ayako aggressively identifies as a straight female. However, witnessing acts of lovemaking between two females sparks a strange sensation within her. Thus, she embarks on a journey to discover if she truly likes pussy or not. Ayako is straightforward and often speaks without thinking, leading to some truly awkward situations.

Anna Amishiro, a gorgeous blonde who loves the female form and isn’t afraid to show it. She is the academy’s student council president, a true high status female! She gets tyrannical when she wants shit done. She’s a very popular girl due to her unerring personality and beauty. She considers Ayako a friend despite her harsh demeanour.

Miyabi Aoto is the resident ghost whose hobby is to peep on same sex couples. She only shows herself when Ayako is alone. She’s playful and mischievous, always wearing the same beautiful kimono.


Seven days with a ghost has a Japanese anime art style. The CGs and character sprites are magnificent. Their proportions are spot on, and the colour palette is eye catching. Every girl in the game is gorgeous, with an air of exoticness about them. The style is consistent and meshes well with the game’s interface.

Characters only have one outfit most of the time. I didn’t mind, because they look great in their school uniforms. Anna is especially fetching. A close-up shot shows the subtle muscles in her legs, and the mouth-watering thickness of her thighs. Another great detail is the color of their uniform’s ribbons. Ayako and Anna are older students and thus wear pink bowties. The younger girls that Anna fucks have yellow bows.

Background art is decent but nothing eye catching. There are a nice variety of areas. The first half of the game is spent in the dorm rooms, though we see more of of the campus as the plot progresses.


There is a good range of high quality sound effects. The visual novel is set in a world where magic and technology co-exist. Spells are constantly used throughout the story, with the appropriate sound effects to match. The end result is striking. In the first act a girl chases Ayako away with a spell called ‘Thunder Bomb’. The visual effect is a bright ball of sparks. The audio clip is accompanied by frightening crackles of electricity.

One of the most memorable sounds in the game is a comedic clip that plays during humorous segments. It’s a completely ridiculous sound that plays during dialogue. It’s extremely effective at making moments more humorous. I found it a nice addition, but some might feel it’s overbearing.

The female voice acting is amazing. Every character is voiced. The acting matches the respective characters. I liked Anna’s voice the most. Her voice perfectly fit the character, a stern blonde with a good upbringing, the kind of girl other men and women would fall for. An inspiring high-status female without peer!


Seven Days with a Ghost sports a fun soundtrack. Most of the songs are preppy, with the occasional mysterious song. The tracks are pleasant on the ears, and fit the setting. The game doesn’t pull any punches, as each song is played in appropriate scenes to set the atmosphere.

The opening scene of the game featured one of my favorite songs. The main character prepares to peep on a couple having sex. The scene is accompanied by a mischievous tune full of chimes, playful violins, and a rhythmic beat mimicking the pendulum of a clock. This is followed by a catchy theme song, accompanied by a wonderfully edited opening video. It sets a great tone for the rest of the visual novel.

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Seven Days with a Ghost is a visual novel. Clicking the textbox “turns the page”. There are only two branching choices you can make that appear towards the end of the visual novel. The user interface is clean and crisp. Save your progress into multiple save slots. The game includes quality of life features, such as a textbox that allows you to comment on your save files. The name of each song that plays is also shown briefly at the start of the scene.


The hentai is delicious and the writing is prosaic. The writer describes in detail how Anna’s flexible fingers tease other girls’ pussy lips. She asserts her dominance, pinching their nipples and whispering dirty talk in the girls’ ears until they orgasm. Ayako witnesses the passionate lesbian sex unfold during her peeping session. She gets aroused in the process.

That’s usually how each of the hentai scenes play out whenever they occur. Most scenes are vanilla with no toys involved. I would’ve liked seeing pink jelly dildos stuffed into wet gaping pussies here and there. Thankfully Anna’s skilled tongue and sexy words are more than enough to bust nut after nut. The scenarios are made more arousing with Ayako watching.

There’s plenty of fap fuel for lovers of voyeurism. The writing describes how each of the girls are tortured with pleasure by their dominant partners. Their vaginas and tits get a good fondling. The scenes are of decent length and wonderfully voice acting. The game explores some kinks, but is mostly vanilla porn. There’s some rope-play and a girl with a dick later in the game, but the fleshy rod doesn’t get inserted into any vaginas.


If you’re a fan of yuri, comedy, and good erotica, this is one you cannot miss. I’ve played many yuri visual novels and this is one of the best I have encountered. The gorgeous CGs, comedic plot and fap-worthy hentai scenes are worth more than the download price. Do yourself a favour and get Seven days with a ghost.

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  • Graphics - 100%
  • Gameplay - 40%
  • Story - 80%
  • Music - 80%
  • SFX - 80%
  • Hentai - 80%

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