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Why Hentai Companies Cannot Service All Customers

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Many hentai companies are making a very basic mistake: You have not defined your values. As a result, your businesses suffer from instability. You may have drama with your staff and your partners. Communication just doesn’t seem to work. You’re doing shady grey area business and it’s stressing you out. Your problems stem from your customer strategy. Here’s what’s going on.

1 – Humans are tribal by nature. You must choose your customers and submit to their moral and aesthetic standards. You cannot overcome billions of years of evolution with a little branding. Tribalism is at the heart of our psyche.

2 – Your customers are divided into warring tribes. Groups of people have different value systems, they make different sacrifices to achieve goals. People vote different political parties, they buy from different companies. People who disagree don’t want to co-exist.

3 – You cannot build a cohesive community on diversity. Only commonalities bind people together. A common language, and common culture eliminate misunderstandings in communication. Less drama, less stress, better coordination.

4 – Everybody has different triggers. When building a customer base, you have to avoid saying the wrong things, because most people are below average intelligence, and only able to think one thing at a time. They physically cannot entertain multiple points of view. This makes customers very fickle. They’ll gravitate to another brand in an instant. You have no freedom of speech as a business.

5 – Communication turns into social manipulation. When you’re forced to pretend that you share the same values as your customers, you will not connect with them emotionally. Your communication will be rife with pretense and manipulation. You won’t want to spend more than the necessary amount of time with people you’re forced to play politics with.

6 – Mental fatigue from politics. When you service customers whose values differ from yours, your communication cannot be honest. You have to expend additional energy to view the world from their point of view. The more you learn about them, the more you will resent them. You will be exhausted and unhappy despite the money you’re making. Your resentment will cause moments of drama.

7 – Ineffective advertising. Promoting your business effectively requires that you have a deep understanding of your customers’ social reality. The best sales come from good jokes, taking stabs at shared grievances. The more diverse your customers, the less funny you can be.

8 – You are not living by virtues. Without a commitment to virtues of honesty, integrity, and social responsibility, you will be skirting the dark side constantly. You will lie, cheat, and play weird games, forgetting that you’re corrupting people around you who follow your example. Dark side tactics are unstable, they bring chaos into your relationships, they are non-viable to achieve long-term goals.

Your values must correspond with the physical reality of limited resources. When your business is based upon values, yes, that will filter out customers who live in unreality. But the benefits far outweigh the short-term offsets. You will make more money, with less risk. Ethics, values, and reality are the foundations of determined action that morphs into a mission that echoes across time.

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