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Mystery Visual Novel Review: Sisters’ Sins

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Sisters’ Sins, a mystery visual novel developed by CherrySock. Released on March 9,2017. Download on Nutaku.net for $6.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

You’re a police officer who’s been assigned to investigate a massive diamond heist. The main suspect has left town, but his two sisters remain as the only leads to solving the case! Earn their trust, have sex with them, and maybe you’ll uncover the truth behind the mystery of the missing diamonds. Either way, you’re getting your dick wet.

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Impersonating a university tutor, you’ve managed to enter the house of the suspected diamond thief. Seduce the two ladies of the manor and find out if they know the location of their criminal brother and his stash of stolen diamonds!

At first, things will seem open-ended and slow, but the story picks up the pace as you dig deeper into the secrets of this family. The butler has stolen a mysterious video, the father is involved with lots of “trouble” behind the scenes, and the diamond thief has a strangely close relationship with his sister Diana.

As you do favors for the girls and learn more about their home lives, you’ll slowly get closer to uncovering the mystery of the missing diamonds. Diana is the older sister. She is a total bitch, but sharp enough to study at a law school. Elizabeth is the kind and shy younger sister, but is she really as innocent as she seems?

The writing has heavy British influences. The family is originally from the United Kingdom. They have a butler. You’ll read slang terms, like people shouting “Bloody Hell”, and more.

As a point and click adventure title, your character is practically a kleptomaniac. You’ll be unplugging and stealing fruit blenders, plundering the house of valuables, and no-one will say a word. It’s a little strange for the game to lack self-awareness so badly.


Sisters’ Sins is a point and click visual novel created with Adventure Game Studio. You click the screen to advance the story. The game presents you with several choices throughout your journey, though most decisions have impact nothing. You can save your progress into multiple save slots, but only outside of dialogue. Left click to pick up items. Right click to examine them.

The game features numerous logic puzzles to progress the story. For example, you may have to find a camera, to take a photograph to show to someone who will give you more information on another item you’re hunting for. This will open up a new area to explore, where you can find a special item and progress further. It’s similar to the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series.

Nothing is spelled out for you. Use your brain if you want to progress. For example, try combining the medication with the coffee when the Butler is not looking! That will make him sick, so you can search the area without his interference.

If you’re ever stuck, there are many things to consider! Did any new dialogue options open up? Are any new items available? What are possible uses for the items you currently own? Are there new locations to explore? Have you tried giving an item to a character?

The game features multiple endings dependent on your choices and actions late into the story. Be sure to save often, because you cannot rewind dialogue or save during a conversation!


The game’s art is an original, semi-realistic drawing style. Though it looks unique, it also looks like most characters have a mild form of down-syndrome. Eyes are either too far apart or too close together. Breast size changes depending on scene. Sometimes the women look outright alien and disgusting. This game reeks of a debut release.

To bring life to characters, artists generally have two options. First, they could make characters blink or wiggle their nose a bit. Second, they can use multiple variations for character stills to convey many emotions. This artist chose the latter, but barely used the different character stills, so everyone seems like unblinking robots.

Body proportions are completely random. Sometimes the girls have necks like giraffes, other times they have no necks at all. Sometimes the neck is thin and normal, other times the neck is thick like they’re bodybuilders.

Anorexia is not attractive. In multiple scenes, the girls have arms that are thin to the point of being bone-like. It’s not attractive, it looks like these girls are not eating. It’s disgusting, and some of the worst visuals I’ve ever seen.


Sisters’ Sins has no voice acting.

Sound effects are commonly used throughout the game to verify that you’ve made a good decision. You hear the “click” of a switch being turned, the “clack” of a window being opened, and more. Players are always given appropriate feedback when they perform smart actions. The story takes place entirely indoors, so sound effects aren’t incredibly common.


The soundtrack has several songs, but you’re mostly listening to just two. They’re atmospheric piano melodies. This matches the British influences, like how the butler calls his masters “Lords and Ladies”. The constant piano track in the background creates a sense of maturity and wealth. It fits the story perfectly. It doesn’t distract from the logic puzzles and problem solving. The piano music even helped me focus better, which I assume was premeditated by the developer.


The hentai content is minimal and many times, inappropriate to the mood. When you delivery a camcorder to Diana, she decides to stick her tongue in your mouth and start making out. It was very unexpected and confusing. There is no build-up, no seduction. It seemed like a sexy scene was the quest reward.

There are six sex scenes in total, including one threesome if you play your cards right. Sex positions range from standard missionary to standing sex and the cowgirl position. There is no animation, and the erotic dialogue is mediocre at best. Clearly, the focus of this game was on the problem solving and logic puzzles. The sex scenes felt like an afterthought.


Sisters’ Sins is a unique point and click adventure title in the adult gaming market. As the first game by an indie developer, it’s not perfect. Even with the shortcomings, I still had fun with the puzzles and problem solving. If you enjoy mystery games with point and click adventure mechanics, this game will surely leave you pleased.

I recommend this game to fans of puzzles. Download Sisters’ Sins.

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