Written by Otaku Apologist

Hentaireviews is a hentai product review website. We engage in affiliate marketing. We earn sales commissions from various companies. Currently, we focus our efforts on writing about the latest games published at the gaming portal Nutaku.

With our revenues, we produce our own comics and games. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Can you review my game?

Yes. We can review your game.

Will I make money from your review?

Absolutely. Our fans are super supportive!

My game is on Steam, is that a problem?

Yeah, we can’t make money from that. Please buy banner space!

Why do I have to pay for a review?

You’re paying for the time of my writers. I generally only edit the reviews written by my freelancers.

Can you improve my product’s review scores?

No. You can buy coverage, not favorable coverage.

Can I buy additional promotion?

Yes. We can promote your product. Read details.

Can I invest into your website and profit?

Yes. Please read this post for details.

Can I buy backlinks on your site?

Let’s discuss this via email.

Can I hire your freelancers?

Probably no. I pay them better than you can.

Can I commission your art team?

You can commission my artists for comics, pinups, games, etc. Read details.

Aren’t you just shills for Nutaku?

No. If Nutaku pulls something funny, we stop covering their games, and I reorganize the business. I have enough money to become a full-time game developer. There’s nothing to worry about, we have a great relationship.

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Otakuapologist@gmail.com – if you can’t reach me, write a comment on my site.