Written by Otaku Apologist

Two months ago we crossed 200000 monthly page views on Hentaireviews. Yes, it was our highest monthly traffic number yet. I took a well-earned vacation right after that, and next month we barely crossed 150000 page views. Sad!

At the same time, Otakusexart.com has grown to reach a daily traffic of 7000-8000 page views. In June, we reached a monthly traffic record of 188000 page views. This graph shows our growth starting from 2017 when I launched the site.

Our revenues this summer have been excellent. We’re back to 2018 numbers, in great thanks to Nutaku hosting multiple sales and promotions. We’re making $1600-1900 from Nutaku, with the occasional side deal from various game companies.

Additionally, our comic and pinup commission business has been attracting more clients than I expected. After I opened Otakusexart.com for commissions, we’ve been working on multiple comics funded out of pocket by our fans. When these projects are calculated into our revenues, we’re making over $3000 on our best months. Exciting times!

Thanks everyone for your hard work and support.