Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

I Was Reincarnated Into A Game Where I Can Violate NPCs, a hentai game developed by circle Yamabatake. Released September 4, 2018. Download on DLsite for $3.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

You awaken in a medieval town! Somehow, someway, you were been transported into an RPG world full of NPC characters! But you’re not interested in a quest, you’re interested in some tight and sloppy NPC pussy!

Before trying the game, please read how to download DLsite games.

Your character was hit by a truck, and woke up in a fantasy RPG! You are in Enpeshee Town. The king is ill and there is unrest among the townsfolk. But none of that matters to you, because you’re here only for sex!

The game has 15 erotic scenes. There are 15 base CGs with multiple variations and x-ray views of the creampies. Don’t worry though, the NPCs remain lifeless all through the ordeal of fucking!

The game is very short and can be completed in less than an hour. The gameplay consists of running around town and having sex with women. For just three dollars, this game is worth every cent.

The soundtrack includes 8 songs, all of which are stock RPG Maker assets. Trumpets, flutes, and electric guitars come together to produce a generic RPG soundtrack. The generic atmosphere enhances the punchline of the joke.

This a vanilla hentai game done right! The proud nun wants to preach to you about God, but you only care about violating her pussy! The young mage wants to focus on her books, but you want to focus on her tits! The beautiful princess is worried about her father, but you’re more worried about how tight she is!

The developer outright tells buyers not to expect any type of story, and you should listen! This game has no quests and no ending. It’s just a lot of funny dialogue and having sex with emotionless NPCs.

Everyone in town is a non player character in a video game. They don’t care if you creampie their pussies! They just want to give you quests! If you love the “bored and ignored” fetish, this is the best game for you.

Download I Was Reincarnated Into A Game Where I Can Violate NPCs.