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Male Prostitution Game Review: I am a Prostitute

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

“I am a Prostitute”, an animated hentai game developed by TwoMan. Released in August 23, 2018. Download on DLsite.com for $6.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Free demo available.

You owe a huge debt and have 8 days to repay it! Prostitute yourself, and become the best gigolo in town!

Before trying this game, please read our guideĀ how to download DLsite games.

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There is no story. The focus is on a rhythmic mini-game. Press an arrow key in the direction the game instructs you. The closer you get to perfect rhythm, the more you earn. This money can be used on upgrades.

During your first playthrough, it’s impossible to pay back your debt. Once you get a game-over, any of your remaining money can be spent on upgrading your character. You can make yourself last longer during sex, for example.

There are eight sexy ladies to choose from. Each has two animations, one for vaginal sex and one for outercourse. This makes for a total of 16 erotic animations. There are also four outfits for every girl.

Press ALT+ENTER to change your screen resolution. This can be vital, because the game was programmed in Unity and sometimes doesn’t display correctly. Specifically, there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that might be impossible to access unless you change your resolution.

It’s time to become the best male prostitute in town! From schoolgirls to milfs, you’re ready to please any desperate lady who is willing to cough up the cash! If you love rhythm games, this title will please you.

Download I Am A Prostitute. If you love harems of women lusting for dick, also check out Hikari Love Potion.

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