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Princess Trainer: Jasmine Development Update #3

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Kia Azad has been working hard for months to build the basic foundations for our first Patreon-funded game, Princess Trainer Jasmine. The game has been shaping up nicely, and already has quest systems and a fight system. We’re now ordering artwork to replace the shoddy placeholders, with your fucking money!

Below is Kia Azad’s update about the fight system. Support us at https://www.patreon.com/StudioDanza

“The fight system is back, and this time, a lot of things have changed. There’s much more to add before it’s fully functional, but at least the basic spell casting and calculations are in place.

Many of the calculations are still basic and experimental. Things will improve as we refine, test, and refine some more. We’re working to make the fights fully animated and enjoyable for our players.

Download and play the game: https://github.com/Kiaazad/PrincessTrainer-Jasmine

I want to code in more spells, skills, and enemies. Don’t hesitate to join us on Discord and share your experience. I especially want more eyes on the algorithms, so I can balance the numbers to make the fights challenging but fair.”

Check the previous development update about our game.

Princess Trainer: Jasmine is a point-and-click dating sim. You turn Disney princess Jasmine from the Aladdin movies into your personal cock sleeve. We’re making this game on Patreon donations and the revenue from game and sextoy sales. Support the project on Patreon, or our webstore. The project leader is Kia Azad.

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