December 5th, 2019–MangaGamer and Lupiesoft Release Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1! In a world split between eternal day and eternal night, the naive but energetic Seriva sets out on a journey of adulthood in the tradition of her people, venturing to the land of eternal night in the hopes of new discoveries.

Yet what she finds is a realm dominated by a social hierarchy born from biological necessity. In this vastly different culture of elves living in a sunless land, the rulers are all ‘fiore’, the hermaphroditic sires of their people. Yet it would seem Seriva has arrived at a tumultuous time – rumor has it the acting Queen will soon abdicate her throne to one of the four fiore princesses. When her chance encounter with the bastard princess, Mercilla, lands her quarters within the palace, she finds herself forced to choose between remaining a spectator to the political machinations, or getting more involved for the sake of Mercilla, who struggles with the weight of an impending crown she never wanted.

Dizzy Hearts┬áis the biggest and most ambitious project in Lupiesoft’s history as a developer, so check out the first chapter of this dramatic story today on MangaGamer and Steam!

Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1Set in a world split between eternal day and eternal night. The naive but energetic Seriva sets out on a journey of adulthood in the tradition of her people, the subterranean ‘Assard’. Venturing to the land of eternal night, she discovers the city of Lungarde.
In the country of Ontonia, she learns that travelers are not that rare in this region. Seriva is ignorant to their culture, to their language, to their politics, and to the cycle of royal lineage revolving around the rare and mysterious ‘fiore’ (the hermaphroditic sire to the elven people). Rumor has it that Queen Llend has chosen her successor among the four fiore princesses and is soon to abdicate. It turns out Seriva may have just stumbled right into the middle of everything!

Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1
Price: $14.95
OS: Windows 7, 8,10, OSX, Linux
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+ (MangaGamer/Steam)

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