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Gender Bender Game Review: TS Academy

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

TS Academy I became a JK but I’m still an honors student, a hentai game developed by WINDWAVE. Released January 15, 2018. Download on DLsite for $12.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. English fan translation patch here.

You’re the handsome honor student that everybody envies! Your rival hates you, and makes you drink a potion that turns you into a woman! Track down your rival, avoid being deflowered, and find a way to turn back to normal!

Before trying this game, please read our guide how to download DLSite games.


The story is very basic and boring. Explore the school to find the science club that created the sex change potion. The game ends when you find them and reverse the process. This will take less than an hour.

Unavoidable sex is constant. Even when Kaoru says she wants to save her virginity for her true love, there is no way to keep it. She’s forced into sex and deflowered regardless of her wishes. It is very sad indeed.

All NPCs are mute sex-crazed men. There’s little dialogue, the progression is linear, and there are no side quests. While the premise of a sex-change potion is exciting, the plot never develops into anything interesting. You learn about a machine that produces “lust waves” to turn men into horny mindless slaves, but this plot line is never developed either.

The title of the game promises a humiliating gender bender sexual scenario. But the story doesn’t even mention much that you’re an honor student, nor are the sexual encounters related to the gender bender fetish.


TS Academy was created with the RPG Maker engine. Move with the arrow keys. Press Shift to run and to hide the text box. Press CTRL to skip dialogue. Press W to view the text backlog.

Press A to attack. Your attack range and power are determined by the character you play. Press S to change characters. Haruka has a weak long range attack. Kaoru has a strong short range attack. Mihiro is the balanced character.

Press D to show your map. This is important because the quest log in the pause menu only names the location. So when you’re told to visit the Kendo Club, be sure to open your map to locate it. The map tracks your current location and goal.

You must either defeat the boys on campus or avoid them, while referring to your map to find the goal. If your armor and health points run out, you will be deflowered. Most sex scenes in the game require you to let yourself be defeated.

The game system is unique and enjoyable, but lacks any sort of incentives to make it meaningful. Character switching on command is a feature that worked great in Grand Theft Auto, but there’s really no need for it here. This game lacks NPCs, item shops, a money system, and a level-up system. Even though character switching and map mechanics are cool, they don’t make up for the missing features.

This game is an hour long. Even if you ignore your map and wander around blindly, it will still take about an hour to complete. This lack of content is such a waste! There are many unique features to this game that are never fully utilized!


The art is classic Japanese anime style. The character stills don’t match the characters in sex scenes. Faces and body proportions look completely different, as though the character stills were drawn to be too thin.

The three main protagonists of the game wear schoolgirl uniforms. Each looks cute in their own way. Mihiro is the tsundere brunette, Haruka is the popular trampy blonde girl, while Kaoru is the short-haired girl next door. This is also reflected in their battle animations. As the most girly character, Haruka hits enemies with a selfie stick, while the tomboy Kaoru kicks them in the face!

Much like gameplay, a variety of features in this game are woefully ignored! The developer managed to create realistic mirrors in the RPG Maker engine, that reflect the distance and movement of your character. Just like a real mirror, you look small from far away, and larger as you approach the mirror. It’s very nice visually, but adds practically nothing to the experience.

The school setting is strange. One building is purely clubs and faculty spaces, while another building has classrooms only. The character perspective changes when you enter classrooms – the camera is rotated 90 degrees whenever you enter classrooms. This can be disorienting, and doesn’t flow well with the gameplay.

With 12 base CGs, the visuals are fantastic for such a short game. A scene room is available from the main menu. This is nice, but it doesn’t include the extra dialogue after a scene ends. The scene room only shows up until the point a man cums, but doesn’t show the extra dialogue after the climax, which leaves out important context. For example, Kaoru never actually has sex with Mihiro, but this is only made clear with full context. If you only see scene reviews, you’ll completely misunderstand the situation.


TS Academy has no voice acting.

Sound effects are stock assets from the RPG Maker library. Due to these completely generic assets, there are many moments where the sound design does a terrible job of conveying an action. You’ll hear a “pound” sound and be confused what happened. Did someone get hit? Was that a knock on the door? Maybe someone fell over? The sound is so generic it’s impossible to know what’s going on.


There are 24 songs in this game, almost all of which are stock assets from the RPG Maker Library.

Only a handful of these songs are actually used. You better be a fast reader, because these tracks are short enough to loop many times! After the third or fourth loop of a 30 second track, you’ll want to mute the game. Stock assets can be fine, but not in this game! A lack of variety and overuse of digitally synthesized nonsense makes for a lackluster experience.


There are 12 scenes, each with a base CG and some variation images.

Most scenes are only accessible by letting yourself be defeated in battle. Some scenes are mandatory, so you can’t stay a virgin. Other scenes require you to meet prerequisites to unlock them. Viewing too many H-scenes unlocks the whore ending.

Outside of the sex change fantasy, fetishes include forced sex, gangbangs, and the “ass stuck in a wall”-fetish. There is a good variety of sex positions. Focusing on forced sex instead of gender bending was a bad decision by the developer.


TS Academy is a game with tons of cool features and untapped potential. Instead of focusing on character switching mechanics, it focuses on walking around. Instead of focusing on the sex change fantasy, the focus is on forced sex. It’s a decent fap game, but could’ve been so much more with the right priorities.

I recommend this game to fans of sexy RPGs. Download TS Academy. If you want a game that does the sex change fetish well, then check out our review of Doki Doki TranSexPerience.

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