Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

Merry H-mas, a free porn game developed by N_Taii. Released December 25, 2019. For PC Windows. Partial voice acting. Pixelated genitals. Download for free here.

Santa Claus accidentally drunk a cup full of viagra! With no one to stop him, he creampies your wife and deflowers your daughter!

You can support the game’s developer on Patreon here.

Your character broke his glasses and can’t see! Your wife and daughter are going to be fucked with you close by, and you won’t even realize! When Christmas morning comes, Santa will be gone like nothing happened!

There is no gameplay, the experience is focused on story. Outside of the occasional typo, the writing is hilarious and very cheeky. The handsome guy at school is named “Chad” who only cares about breasts!

Panting and moaning sound effects play throughout the game. Depending on how close you are to the action, some of these sounds will be muffled or harder to hear. This creates a realistic sense of suspense that more games should imitate!

The game lacks features. There’s no means of skipping dialogue, hiding text boxes, etc. This game has little interactivity, but lots of pixel animated sex!

There are no CGs. My only complaint was the main menu music. The track is “Jingle Bells” remixed by Weedmau5 on Youtube. I hate trap music, and it doesn’t fit the cheating wife genre at all.

This game is totally free for you to play! Download Merry H-mas. If you loved this game, you’ll also like NTRPG 2.