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Dark Sphere ~ The Dark Elf and Labyrinth Land, a hentai RPG developed by circle Dorgel. Released May 9, 2016. Download on DLSite for $10.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Free demo available.

Riffie is the last elf who can fight the orc menace! Everyone else was weakened when the magic spheres were lost. Get them back! Just watch out for horny, pervy orcs on your adventure.

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The Orcs have destroyed the last fort of the Dark Elf kingdom! Everyone is sick, injured, and dying! There is only one person who can save the day, the last healthy dark elf, Riffie! With cunning and skill she can save the day!

There is practically no writing or dialogue in this game. In fact there’s only one boss battle, so you almost never hear from the orc side of the story. But considering they attack you and try to fill you up with cum, it’s pretty obvious they’re the bad guys.

The nature of the magic spheres is never fully explained. The dark elves rely on them for survival, but it’s implied that each sphere has a unique power. For example, the blue sphere can be used to repair a ship and sail the open seas.

Dark Sphere should be enjoyed for its gameplay, not its story. From unavoidable gangbangs to the existence of numerous labyrinths you never see, a lot of the writing was random and unsatisfying.

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Dark Sphere was created with RPG Maker VXAce. Use the arrow keys to move. Press Z and X to interact with the world. Press CTRL to skip dialogue.

The game cycle is simple. Defeat enemies to level up, earn money, or open doors. You spend money on items which heal your character. If you’re ever defeated, you simply return to base.

There are no standard RPG battles. If you approach an orc from the front, you will be killed. You need to walk up to them from their side or back to deal damage. If they catch you by surprise, rapidly tap the arrow keys to escape. If you don’t, you’ll get filled in your pussy and covered with cum, which slows down your movement speed.

The game has tons of cool ideas that never go anywhere. You can purchase directions in the dungeon, but they never work. And you can later press the A button to fly over traps, but it’s only useful in one dungeon. The game is somewhat lacking polish.


The art is in the Japanese anime style. All sex positions are male-led, such as doggystyle. Riffie is being captured by these orcs and taken advantage of, so it makes sense she’s never face-sitting or riding dick in cowgirl. There are 15 base animations.

The animation loops are generally short but sweet. Usually a sequence of thrusting or sucking off a penis repeats until the orc cums and the animation ends. As one of the earliest games by this developer, it’s super impressive that they were able to do so many animations on an indie project like this. That takes dedication!

For no real reason, Riffie is always running around in a bikini. I wish we could customize her outfit, or at least see her change clothes at the game’s conclusion. Instead, she shows it all, which feels less sexy over time.

The world map is beautiful, but very slow to navigate. Thankfully, the game offers some shortcuts like items to escape dungeons and a shortcut back to the final boss if you’re defeated.


Dark Sphere has no voice acting.

The sound effects are stock assets and pretty standard in quality. The sound of ejaculation is similar to a toothpaste tube being squeezed. Meanwhile the sound of a sword strike is a generic slash that could be prompted by almost anything. Some thrusting sounds and a moaning track would make this game a lot more enjoyable.


There are 12 songs on the soundtrack, all of them digitally synthesized.

Strange reverberating noises are mixed in with fantastic drums and piano. It’s a really weird experience. A lot of these tracks are close to being great, but the musician added weird audio clutter in the background. With a little improvement, this soundtrack would be awesome.

My favorite track used bass guitar in combination with cymbals and electric piano to create a super exciting beat! The only problem is, the developer didn’t check the volume on these tracks! You enter a dungeon and your eardrums get blown to pieces!


Dark Sphere has 15 base scenes, each fully animated and available from the recollection room. Completing the game will not unlock the scenes. Only one scene is mandatory, and that’s the unavoidable gangbang.

All sex scenes are short and sweet. These orcs don’t care about pleasing you, they just want to fill your cunt with cum! They force you down, start thrusting like crazy, and laze your body with their sloppy sex fluids before you even realize what’s going on! And just when you think you’ve escaped, there’s always another orc ready to unload his balls in you!

None of these animations are from a first-person perspective. Instead, you’re always in a position of watching the orcs fuck Riffie. I would have loved a doggystyle POV scene, but instead I got the same kinds of scenes over and over.

Riffie’s dialogue is randomized and not affected by sexual experience in any way. One encounter she could beg them to stop, the next time she might be begging for more. This lack of clear corruption made the dialogue very hit or miss.

There are a handful of dungeon traps that will fill Riffie with vibrators and dildos. There is no skill-based way to avoid them or find them. You will simply get randomly destroyed when the odds fail you.


Dark Sphere is a relatively unknown porn game with a focus on interspecies orc sex. The gameplay is fast-paced and easy to understand, but the story is super basic. The experience lasts only a few hours, but the animated sex scenes are totally worth your time! Don’t let our scores fool you; the most important aspects of a pornographic game, art and gameplay, are quite excellent in this super sexy title!

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