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Monster Sex RPG Review: Taimamiko Yuugi

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Taimamiko Yuugi, a hentai RPG developed by Unko Morimori Maru. Released on August 29, 2017. Download on DLSite for $16.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

Setsuna and Mayuko are the only exorcists left who can fight the monster menace! Travel the world and cleanse the land of monsters! And be careful, or these bastards will be dropping creamy loads all over and inside of Setsuna!

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The game starts in a dungeon, and that sets the tone for the entire experience. The vast majority of your time is spent scouring dungeons rather than hanging in town. There is therefore very little story or dialogue.

Most dialogue occurs between the main characters, the sisters Setsuna and Mayuko. While Setsuna is prideful and carefree, Mayuko is cautious and stern. Often these roles flip when they stumble on to treasure, which is when Mayuko gets reckless. Outside of losing their families, both of these girls are very basic and simple characters.

Early on, the writing makes clear that Setsuna and Mayuko are not actually biological sisters. And in dream sequences we learn that Setsuna originally lived in an exorcist mountain village. Every hour of dungeon grinding unlocks a tiny bit more information on the past. All this builds up to the finale, where the truth is finally revealed.

After Setsuna ran away from home, the remaining members of the exorcist village began resurrecting monsters from the dead. These monsters have killed many people, including Mayuko’s parents. You cannot run from the past anymore. After hours of no plot, Setsuna finally resolves to track down the remaining exorcists and defeat them to end the revival of monsters!

The dialogue is hilarious. For example, the vines in this world are called creepers. When your little sister tells you to climb on top of creepers, Setsuna turns it into a sex joke and smirks with a big smile. It was super cute, and only one example of the many funny moments.

If we graded the story on writing alone, it would be perfect. Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure ten hours of level grinding before the story actually picks up. Because of this horrible pacing, the game is likely to get dropped by many hentai gamers.


Taima Miko Yuugi was created with RPG Maker VX Ace. Move with the arrow keys. Press Shift to run. There is no dialogue skip unless you’ve seen the conversation before.

The game is primarily a grindy dungeon-crawler. From forests to sewers, you defeat local monsters which drop crafting ingredients used for better equipment. Your goal is to fight them all and grow stronger.

Much of the game is centered around the skill point system. Skill points are used for attribute buffs, combat abilities, and exploration skills. For example, there’s an ability that lets you jump over one block of empty space. You can find chests that are normally out of reach.

The developer has added a variety of unique features to this game that make it a super enjoyable experience. There is a prize rush after boss battles, magic regeneration over time, tech points for enemies, and many more features.

In spite of these unique features, the game has many flaws. You’ll reach max level easily but the game will have tons more bosses to face. If you can’t beat those bosses, you’ll have to lower the difficulty level manually. Once you hit max level in an RPG, it’s hard to find the motivation to continue. Battles become meaningless, and it feels like you’re just wasting time.

Another flaw is how one-sided combat can be. One enemy does 9999 damage, so you’ll be killed instantly even at max level. Another enemy has absurd speed and will always strike first, stunning your character so you can’t play the game. Prepare yourself to reset and load game frequently.

An interesting quirk of the game is how story progress decides everything. New weapons, armors, and skill books will not become available until you clear more dungeons. While this guarantees the player never gets overpowered, it presents a problem on harder difficulties where you’ll be blocked from good equipment until the game says otherwise.

The game offers three difficulty modes, which only change the level of grind required to complete the game. There is only one ending and no bonus content for higher difficulties.

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The art is a variation on the Japanese anime style. Female characters are extra thin and simple, while male characters are always huge and drawn with many grotesque wrinkles.

The textures in this game are unique and gorgeous to look at. Waterfalls, cracked concrete, and mountain roads make for a fantastic visual experience. The world design is varied as well, offering the ability to leap small distances and explore new ground. Even the small town is beautifully crafted, including a clothing store with tons of coats waiting to be sold.

The world map has icons for all the exorcist mission sites. From the abandoned mineshaft to the spooky train station, every ghost movie trope is here. And with a map showing all the regions to explore, the world feels alive and well envisioned.

Setsuna can experience clothing damage, which actively affects the world around her. The more skin she shows, the more likely she is to face sexual harassment. You can repair or destroy the clothing on your own to entice monsters, or calm them down.

The character sprites are all totally unique and full of personality. While Mayuko wears basic overalls and stays on her computer all the time, Setsuna wears a schoolgirl uniform. Clothing damage is reflected in the sprites.

The dungeon design is fantastic. If you have the skill points, you can jump over pools of water as a shortcut to your goal. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the long way around and face many monsters blocking your path.


Taima Miko Yuugi has no voice acting.

The sound effects in this game are a mixture of stock assets and licensed assets. While some sounds like the sword slash will be familiar to many, other effects are sure to surprise, like when you get breast milk poured all over you! In a standard ten-hour playthrough, I never once got tired of the audio.


The soundtrack has 65 tracks in total, a mix between stock assets and original tracks. While the stock assets are forgettable trash, they’re rarely used. Every dramatic story moment has an awesome track to match it. Because the tracks are digitally synthesized, many of the sounds don’t match any existing instruments. While they tend to mimic drums or harp, the tempo and pitch often come off as manufactured.

One fantastic track started with a church organ raising notes in pitch until an aggressive electric guitar and drums took over. It was a creepy feeling overtaken by an awesome battle theme, perfect for a game about exorcists! This and many other tracks were great enough to make it onto my personal music player. My favorite track was the bouncy celebration music for when you beat a dungeon boss.


Taima Miko Yuugi has 45 sex scenes in total. Almost all scenes involve ghosts and demons violating Setsuna’s body. There is only one scene with human vaginal sex. Each scene has 1-4 unique CG images. Cut-in images are used during sex scenes to zoom in on the pussy or breasts.

There is a scene where aliens abduct you and begin probing your body. There’s another scene where a snake demon bites your breast. And there are many scenes with vore themes that show Setsuna being consumed or enveloped by monstrous creatures.

Unlocking sex scenes will reward you with skill points and stat boosting items. The recollection gallery is in the toilet of the player home. There, you can purchase items that will automatically create lust or capture conditions to help you locate all the scenes.

Since there’s ghosts, erotic dialogue and sex positions are very limited. Many scenes stop at fingering and groping, with Setsuna climaxing and going unconscious. While the artworks are absolutely gorgeous, the lack of foreplay can be a turn-off to some players.

My favorite scene is the only human sex scene. Your old mentor in exorcism defeats you in battle, then takes your pussy as his reward! The dialogue is incredibly hot and the narration clearly states he fertilized Setsuna. He says “Take good care of my baby!”. While most bad endings show Setsuna dying, this one indicates she’ll give up adventuring since she’s now pregnant with another man’s child!


Taima Miko Yuugi is one of the few hentai RPGs with a focus on ghosts and demons. The graphics are fantastic, matching the great sound design perfectly. While the pacing of level ups and story events needed some work, this still managed to be one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. And with 45 scenes total, the completionists are sure to adore this title.

I recommend this to anime fappers who love ghosts and other weird creatures. Download Taima Miko Yuugi. If you like this game but want a monster focus, check out our review of Creature Hunter.

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