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Sugar Daddy Visual Novel Review: Free Friends

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

Free Friends (jap. Furifure), a hentai visual novel developed by Noesis. Released April 3, 2009. Download on MangaGamer for $25.00. For Windows PC. Full voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Kurahashi Yui is a schoolgirl with a troubled home life. Hoping to find help, she joins the popular phone app “Free Friends”. Little does she realize her teacher is also using the app, and he wants to bang her senseless!

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Soon after Yui uses the app her life is changed forever! After you fuck her pussy up, the game splits off into two routes. Will you take photos of her? Or will you apologize and build a real relationship? The choice is yours!

Each route is about two hours long, adding up to a total of four hours of content. Technically the love route is longer, but it’s also far less realistic. Maybe it could be done, but not quite so absurdly after how it started.

In the love route, you get to know Yui and build trust with her. This leads to her opening up about her home life and her controlling parents. They don’t let her outside except for going to school. That doesn’t seem to prevent you form impregnating her!

In the darker route, you either use her as your fucktoy, or get caught by the police. The latter ending was super unexpected and gave me pause. You prostitute Yui out to her stalker, and the police uncover the affair. It’s heavily implied that Yui dies or loses her sanity. Writers aren’t fucking around in this one.

Each route adds context to the other. For example, in the love route, you learn that Nishisaka is stalking Yui, which is why he knew all about you during the dark route. And if you let Yui move on, you’ll hear she got married to a rich celebrity. But if you follow the love route you’ll discover this was an arranged marriage so her parents could control her.

The biggest downside to this game is you. The protagonist of this game is very hard to root for. He’s mistreating his new girlfriend while cheating on his wife. The wife is never shown throughout the game, but it’s still fucked up.


Free Friends is a visual novel game with numerous features standard to the genre. Click the screen to advance the story. Auto-mode and the backlog are available at the bottom of the screen. As a short 2009 title, this game lacks quicksaves.

I found it surprising the game was made in the Unity game engine. Fully customized and smooth, you never notice that at all. The game has three possible endings.


Yui Kurahashi is the main girl and she is gorgeous. She has a mole under her left eye, long flowing black hair, perfect B cup breasts, and amber eyes that perfectly convey her down to earth personality.

While the art is drawn in the Japanese anime style, the artist uses soft outlines and watercolors to create a truly unique appearance. From shadows to clothing wrinkles, each aspect of the art is well drawn with both simplicity and realism. The art also, perfectly reflects the emotionless big city that both characters find themselves in. The only warmth the couple find in each other’s arms, which is signaled b the love route using a pink and tan color palette, while the dark route’s color palette is dark and shady.

Standing art is rarely used, likely due to the lack of character expressions. Yui only has two standing artworks and they’re used quite sparingly. One scene mentions a striptease but there’s not a single CG on screen! This was disappointing. I would have loved a striptease to show off Yui standing naked, but we never got one.


Free Friends features full voice acting for Yui Kurahashi. Most of the time she just moans “sensei”, but whenever she says something else, it’s always good. Like when she squeals “No sir! Not inside! I don’t want to get pregnant!”. Her delivery was realistic and incredibly erotic. Another great scene is early on when she yelps in surprise as you push her down. I loved the performance, truly magnificent!

Sound effects are used often to emphasize location and atmosphere. Loud brakes on a train indicate you’ve reached your destination. Idle background chatter indicates you’re in a crowded public space. Those knocks at the door freaked me out, I’m still shaken from how well-timed the sound design is!


There are 8 tracks that play throughout the game, but they’re heavily dated and old. The game is over a decade old and it shows. All tracks are digitally synthesized with old software that mimics real instruments while sounding vaguely mechanical.

One piano track plays through most of the game, and while it’s super enjoyable, it has a weird synthesizer buzzing in the background. Modern tracks play a crisp piano melody. The piano is actually alright.


There are 16 scenes in total, almost all of which are vaginal sex.

The style of the scenes depends on your route so far. For example, you can double penetrate Yui in the dark route with another guy. Meanwhile, in the love route, she’ll volunteer to give you a blowjob as thanks for your help. In all but one scene, the player can choose to cum inside.

While the game is advertised as having NTR, this is primarily the double penetration scene. After that, the other guy fucks Yui off-screen.

The protagonist has a three-inch cock, and it’s pretty odd to look at. His balls also randomly disappear depending on the scene. While Yui is always a hottie, your view is always going to be drawn to the penetration, which is mediocre due to your tiny cock.

Yui’s height seems to change rapidly depending on the scene. She looks 4 feet tall during the fingering scene, but looks like a fully grown woman in a later scene where you fuck her from the side. None of these variations are terrible, but the lack of consistent proportions becomes a pet peeve over time.


Free Friends is an absolute classic in the sugar daddy genre. A sexy schoolgirl needs a place to stay, and you’re ready to help! With two unique routes and numerous endings both good and bad, there’s plenty of replay value to be enjoyed.

I recommend this to fans of the sugar daddy genre of hentai. Download Free Friends. If you like this game but want older women, then check out our review of The Interview.

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