Hey, everyone. There is so much mainstream media propaganda going on right now, I’ve had to turn our social Discord into a news sharing operation. We’re keeping close tabs on all the news, and they are shockingly inaccurate. Peaceful protests are now violent uprisings, law-abiding patriots are domestic terrorists, everything is inverted and upside down.

Everyone is disseminating the propaganda and spreading the real information as much as we can with our limited reach and resources. The 2020 elections in the USA were completely stolen by Joe Biden and his Chinese communist allies. We have the articles and the data, and we may even start sharing that on the site if necessary. This battle is important, we cannot afford to lose it. Please join us in the debate! It’s not all politics talk, we also post about our upcoming comics and other art projects, and dank memes!

Join our Discord server! Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/PGtAZgUhmp