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We have been sharing our original artwork at Adultnode.com since 2019. While many mainstream social media companies have been outright banning pornography on their platforms, Adultnode stands as a dedicated place for adult content creators to freely share their works. If you’re not a regular visitor at otakusexart.com, you can catch our latest artworks on Adultnode.com.

The layout and functionality is very much like Twitter’s. You can post images, GIFs, videos. Tagging is streamlined with a tag cloud; click to add common hashtags to make your posts better show up in the trending feed. On a basic level, the site works just fine, but the interface is a little clunky. For example, I am unable to choose the thumbnails for our game review videos, at the time of writing.

One of the better features of the site is the ability to create galleries. Click the ‘gallery’ icon when creating a post, then click the ‘photos’ icon. You can add up to ten images in one post, which is just incredible.

Are there any content restrictions? The company is based on United States and abides by their laws. This means rigid age of consent laws, no non-consensual sex, no animals, etc.

The biggest problem with the platform is found in its terms of service. At the time of writing, the company is essentially telling competing adult businesses to fuck off. Instead of creating incentives for businesses to connect them with their customers, the terms of service threatens account bans and content removals for adult businesses who dare promote their productions.

Simply posting a link to your website is grounds for content removal within these rules. They’re saying you need to apply for a written consent to be permitted to promote your business. Whether the wordings are designed simply to preserve the company’s total power over their own platform, or they actually plan on enforcing this, I don’t know. I casually browsed the site’s other creators, and could not find one other company publishing their content here.

Adultnode’s terms of service also state that posting affiliate links is an offense. There’s no mention of how links to Patreon, Kickstarter, or Subscribestar are handled. Rules against affiliate marketing and self-promotion effectively destroy the incentives of adult game developers and other media companies from posting updates on Adultnode, leaving that market to their biggest competitor, Twitter. For all their faults, Twitter has always been friendly to adult content creators, which is why almost every porn artist and company has a Twitter.

The company offers a lifetime revenue share model for introducing customers to their business, similar to the many advertisers we actively promote. They have the gears in place to grow rapidly, as every Adultnode account is also an affiliate account. But, the number they are offering is a measly 5% of a customer’s purchases. Adult media companies like Nutaku and Erogames offer 20%. Why would we, or any other adult business, serve our fanbases to a company that offers a quarter of their competitors’ payouts from referrals?

The website has more features beyond the basics. There are options for creating groups, livestreaming, and chats. You can initiate talks with other users very easily. Everything works on a basic level, I have no complaints about the social features. However, the Night-mode needs improvement – see the screenshot gallery above.

Adultnode has advertisements, which can be eliminated by purchasing a VIP account. The company sells monthly subscriptions that grant purchasers with increased visibility on the website. You become a featured user, and get recommended to people upon their signup. You also get 100 tokens, which can be spent on… something.

Purchasing a VIP account costs $9.99 a month. As business models go, it’s an okay idea. Paying a little extra is an acceptable expense for growing your customer base. But I can’t see casual users caring too much about their follower counts. You can also sell content on the website, which first requires going through a verification process I haven’t bothered with.


Adultnode is a project with potential. The company is positioned to capitalize on a neglected segment of the media market. The website has all the functionalities you expect from a social media platform, with some added clumsiness, but its terms of service are very unfriendly to businesses. We will be watching with interest whether the company can get their shit together.

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