Written by Otaku Apologist

You may be of the opinion that success is random, that some people just get lucky. They were born into a good family in a safe hood, their childhood wasn’t a total mess. They are emotionally stable and productive, they went to good schools, they were born into privilege, while you’re a fucked up shit who goes off the rails at the drop of a hat, because of ghetto PTSD.

But just having privilege doesn’t mean you automatically become anything useful, no. An easy life can make you lazy and dumb. You can begin to question the point of life. Without any struggle, it gets really confusing what you should be doing with time. That’s probably why so many rich people abuse drugs and bang hookers with big asses.

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I’m not even gonna write a properly argued post for you guys to convince you of my methods. No hyperlinks, nothing. I’m just gonna lay them out, you call me an idiot in the comments, and we move on, because fuck you.

I’m writing this post, because so many obnoxious people have been sucking my dick for years, asking me for tips and tricks. Like, okay, we’ve had some tens of millions of wankers read our content and our comics circulate the web with millions more viewers, some of whom even visit our websites and buy shit.

But aside from spending a few hundred thousand dollars on creating mostly free content that gets some views, how anyone comes to the conclusion that I’m successful is beyond me. Because the bulk of my time, I just fail at everything.

Literally, I usually fail at everything I attempt so fantastically, that it’s like watching a trainwreck on multiple screens, in 4K resolution, slow-motion for the explosion. If I truly fit the description of a success, it’s probably because I always rise from the car wreck and continue fumbling forward, like a zombie, with my bloody brain exposed, ribs protruding. I suppose the key is to just keep moving forward, resisting the urge to finish yourself off with a jump from a rooftop.

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I think the most important part is developing a very high tolerance for boredom. Because, you have to repeat the same shit innumerable times, to learn to execute properly. There’s an epic Bruce Lee quote that said something like, “I fear not the man who’s jacked off ten thousand dicks once but the man who’s wanked his own dick ten thousand times”. Maybe I misremember that one?

There’s some set number of practice hours that’s universally required to become professional at most skillsets. I can’t remember it, so fuck it.

Then there’s the study part. You can’t just do something mindlessly, or you’ll develop bad habits. You should be studying, and I mean reading, thinking, debating, developing ideas and putting those ideas through tests. Some methods and techniques are simply superior to others, and you’re better off learning how to execute them, regardless how outside of your comfort zone they are. I suck at this part, I hated school, my grades were abysmal despite two academically accomplished parents, so I have plenty of weird habits that probably inhibit my personal growth and limit my success.

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Patience seems to be important as well. I never had much patience, I’ve always pushed people and things to the edge, so they break. If you can develop patience, you won’t waste energy trying to force your vision into being. Going with the flow, like casually driving in the city with traffic lights and pedestrians, you’ll arrive at your destination just fine. There are certainly times to put the pedal to the metal, but most times, you save very little time doing that.

Something new I discovered after my tenth or so burnout from overwork, that cost me another set of important relationships I cherished. Just being good at your thing isn’t that cool. If you’re giving up everything for that thing, it’s not worth it, even if you are getting handsomely paid for stellar performance doing your thing. You want to also be a well-rounded person, someone who is fun to be around with. Maybe don’t go completely crazy with pursuing your thing? Try to have a life as well.

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There’s a lot of great material on websites other than mine, that will give you a good idea for what to do. Many people have “cracked the code” and written about it, and you’ll notice reading their musings, it’s actually a competition. Winning at life is beating the competition. And the bar is generally very low, because just about everyone is more retarded than you.

If you really put your mind into something, and spend the hours, it’s not that difficult to rise above the rabble, because most people are lazy, so by just emulating the productive people, you’ll probably get somewhere.

Anyway, luck plays a factor in getting successful, but generally speaking, if you stay in the game long enough, and you are making genuinely good choices, you’ll get your lucky streak eventually. Creating a lot of media, patents, or products increases your chances of making something interesting. Don’t feel bad if it takes a long time, because it usually does.