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We’ve made tons of content with the help of your support over the years, so not everything may be there at the time of writing. If something you want is missing, you can always find it at

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IMPORTANT! If the link requires an encryption key, switch internet browsers, or copy the link directly into a browser instead of clicking it. The files are public, but the system glitches sometimes. The files require no key.

I’ve hosted our content on MEGA, a cloud storage service. We’re also part of MEGA’s affiliate program. That means you can help our content production by purchasing premium cloud services from MEGA.

We get 20% on each sale, if you’ve clicked the links above. What makes them worth the expense? In a cloud storage, your media won’t clog your PC hard-drive. You can store a staggering number of videos and files remotely. Their prices are affordable, service is smooth and reliable, and it’s very private. The company takes care of their encryption and respects their users’ privacy. They don’t scan for what you’ve stored in their servers… so they say, anyway.

I like their sales pitch, that’s why I signed up for a paid plan with them. But as a somewhat cynical person, I personally recommend keeping the craziest media you enjoy out of cloud storages. That’s my advise. It’s your life, your funeral.

Anyway! Our MEGA account will be updated with content as the writing part of new comics completes. Yey!