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Psychological Netorare Game Review: Five Days of Separation

by Sexy

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Manfred Manson and Otaku Apologist

Five Days of Separation, a netorare game developed by SORAUE.  Download on DLSite for $7.00. Released on June 20, 2021. For Windows PC. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

You are a married couple visiting the local hot springs. Your been married for 3 years to your beautiful wife. She’s often so serious and sexy that you wonder, what would it be like if I another man saw her naked?

Note! This game lacks an official English translation at the time of writing. Use MTool to auto-translate.


One month before the trip to the hot springs, you asked your wife “Do you ever miss fucking your ex?”. Then you hear about some horny guys commenting “Your wife has big tits!”. The final straw is your close friend Nishihara, who you invite to dinner. He makes plenty of comments about her! Finally, you can’t deny it anymore. You have a cuckolding fetish.

The game takes place over five days in the hot springs. In the first two days, you meet a guy named Endo and tell him about your cuckolding fetish. On the third day, she finally begins cuckolding you! Not only does he creampie your wife, but he also gets her to admit her secrets.

That time that Nishihara came over? She gave him a blowjob. Why? Because she dated Nishihara before you and fucked him every single day. That’s right, she’s been cucking you with Nishihara long before this trip to the hot springs!

There are two endings to the game. Either, you confront her about cheating and live in a broken marriage, or you allow her to cuckold you so long as you get to hear all about it. The game features a DLC bonus story.

In my opinion, this game will be divisive just like Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report. There’s a growing trend in hentai nowadays, for a man to develop a cuckolding fetish, only to realize his wife has been getting fucked for months or even years without his knowledge. I’ve personally never been a fan of this theme, because it ruins any sense of corruption the story has to offer. Being late to finding out isn’t hot for me personally, but others erogamers seem to disagree.


The game was made in RPG Maker MV, but very easily could have been made in the Renpy visual novel engine. You simply walk around, talk to people and view scenes. It’s very much a kinetic novel with only one choice in the game; the ending you choose. The lack of engaging gameplay is a drag. You pretty much have to have a cuckolding fetish to enjoy this.


As we said above, this game very easily could have been made in a visual novel format if not for one problem: the artist doesn’t want to draw backgrounds!

Most of the scenes in this game are told via silhouettes, with only a handful of fullscreen CGs revealed at the end of the game. The good news is, the silhouettes are animated, so you can really immerse yourself in the cuckolding experience. For me personally, seeing the outlines of a cheating wife in another room is super erotic. However, I know some players are here to see tits and ass up-close, which means this game would be disappointing to them.

The censored genitals make things easier for the artist, but also ensure that blowjob scenes are left looking imperfect. Moreover, the stock RPG Maker assets for this hot springs inn are serviceable, but nothing special. The biggest flaw with the game is that the Innkeeper’s grandson is shown to have an adult sprite, when a young college dude sprite would look better.


Five Days of Separation has minimal voice acting. Your wife does moan and whimper during blowjobs and sex, but there are no fully voiced lines.

Whether it’s the slurping of a blowjob, the fabric of a curtain, or the night noises of crickets, this game offers a wealth of sound effects in every scene. This is mainly because the night-time parts feature no music whatsoever. The game is completely silent except for the sounds of clothing and movement. For this reason I strongly recommend playing this at night. It really conveys the intimate silence in the act of adultery.


The music is highly limited due to the sneaky stealth sex. The developer chose to rely on the sound design instead, which is good, but can often be one-note. We get it, you have to be very quiet or your husband might wake up and hear your married pussy getting plowed. Understandable, but can I have some violin, please?


The eroticism depends entirely on your state of mind and time of day. If you’re looking for some casual fun on a sunny day, this game’s dark vibe will clash and feel jarring. If you’re all alone on a late night and fantasizing about being cuckolded by a busty babe, then this game will hit the mark perfectly.

I was in the latter state when I played this, and came hard watching this stranger fuck my virtual waifu. However, a key problem is that you have to play through the husband’s perspective before you can see the wife’s. This means, you basically have to replay those 5 days over from scratch! And because you already know she’s going to cuck you, there’s a lot less buildup. Fantastic visuals can make a second playthrough worthwhile.

For an hour-long playthrough on a dark night, this is super hot! For a double playthrough on a sunny day, I’d have to give this game low marks. That’s part of why RPGs are often preferred by erotic gamers, because of the versatility of the setting and presentation.


Five Days of Separation is an enjoyable erotic RPG for fans of the netorare genre. The wife is hot, the scenes are fresh, and the sound effects are sexy as hell! However, this experience is only recommended for hardcore fans of the genre. You also have to be in the market for psychological stimulation. Download this software today.

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