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Important News About Our Editorials

by OtakuApologist

I have wanted for a long time to publish editorials from other contributors than myself, so that we can continue to evolve as a publication. If we don’t embrace diversity of opinions, we’re no better than the authoritarians on the right or the left who assert a very single-minded view of the world. If only things were so simple that people can be put into boxes.

I have in my backlog right now some editorials that already caused controversy in our internal channels. These reactions alone speak for the power of the material, as any rhetoric that explodes into debate like a fire bomb indicates there’s something of value to be discussed there. Even if we are just grasping at something, arguing it poorly, a strong emotional response is nothing more than your spirit resonating with something it has tried to suppress to maintain a fragile inner cohesion.

But when poorly argued, the debate spawned by a spicy editorial reaches few conclusions and burns a lot of bridges. People get mad and bail. Which is why most publications choose a side and stick with it. I deny myself such cowardice.

I’m a strange conservative for being extremely open. And paradoxically, it makes it incredibly easy to connect with new people, but also to burn bridges, because most people are incapable of holding conflicting ideas.

Conservatives like to argue for diversity of opinion, because they know that once the debate is free, they have an easy time bulldozing all other opinions and lifestyle choices to the side. They know they’ll win, because their thinking and argumentation is solidified by generations of affirmation, whereas their opposition is only just stretching their wings.

They’ve always done things a certain way, so they keep doing the same thing ad nauseam, regardless of circumstances where flexibility is warranted. That is the thinking they fell victim to, which led to them dropping the ball and getting bulldozed by liberals in virtually all elections in every nation. Lazy-thinking conservatives have only themselves to blame.

These past few years, the left has gone to mad extremes in pushing their agendas. Too many tactics and policies are going off the rails, like open borders and defunding the police with nothing to replace that system. That is insanity. There is a purpose and mandate the left has, just as governments have their limited mandate to meddle in our lives and create order. But there have to be restrictions to everything for there to be any hope of a balance.

Nations must have borders, just as publications must have standards. Diversity is worthless unless scrutinized.

If your ideas are truly superior, they must be exposed to challenges. Just like the body needs stress that breaks up the muscles, which then grow back stronger. That is the mechanism by which our biological forms grow stronger. I believe the same applies to the brain. Whatever you believe, it must be ripped apart and shattered regularly for you to grow a strong mind.

The uppity moral superiority complex that conservatives criticize the left for is very much alive among the right. And because these people manage to be so fucking self-absorbed, they don’t realize how the wokeness they hate is a reaction to their own inadequacies as parents. The lack of openness, which is a strong attribute of conservatives, is the reason why they’re inflexible to deviation from the norm, perpetuating a teenage rebellion in their offspring that lasts long into adulthood.

We don’t get to decide how our kids develop beyond a certain point, we can only guide them. They have their own path, which you may not agree with, that they must explore, because they feel a deep calling. Just as I had a strange path that led me to Christ through porn, which has brought me success and friends and opportunities that most only dream of.

Hentai as a medium is only able to flourish in a world where all authoritarians are curtailed. Because the extreme left and the hard right are both enemies of sexual self-expression. A classical liberal world order is ideal for hentai. For this ideal world to exist, freedom of expression must be elevated high above in the value hierarchy.

In this context, I want to attempt the impossible and cultivate our fanbase to be complete as people. Even if our writers manage to trigger just a little bit of improvement in your thinking on this particular area, that is an acceptable legacy. For this to happen, you must expose yourselves to a wide range of ideas, especially to what you hate, so you may self-reflect.

That all said, no opinions should escape scrutiny, no matter how enlightened they may appear. That is the purpose of freedom of speech, it creates checks and balances. Everything that is said publicly is up for perpetual debate.

Elasticity of thought is what ensures comfortable communing of individuals and communities, the forming of long-lasting bonds and the peaceful processing of arguments. If we are not oriented towards cultivating this kind of mind, it’s not gonna work. We end up with yet another authoritarian system that suppresses the outliers. Regardless of the value system that justifies that, the prevailing order will be stagnant and foul. That is what we must guard against.

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lol September 18, 2023 - 7:31 am

if we wanted politics we wouldn’t come to this website you clown

OtakuApologist September 18, 2023 - 12:03 pm

If the marketplace for hentai was more solid, instead of the shifting sands we deal with, a deeper conversation could be avoided. But the opposite is true.

The hentai market is global. And different countries have different mazes of laws. The very reason aspiring eroge developers struggle to get their businesses going, big businesses included, is the complexity present on the deeper levels.

I would love nothing more than to avoid polarizing discussions, because it’s risky and it comes with costs and penalties. But I am now on my 9th year in the industry, and the problems I struggled with that nearly cost me my health and definitely damaged my future, are still present.

We simply have no choice but to engage a deeper level conversation, or things will never improve.

It’s not acceptable that in 2023, erodevs are still struggling to keep access to payment platforms and bank accounts. It’s not okay that some devs get their game on Steam and many don’t. It’s lifechanging to successfully publish on a mainstream platform, but these platforms have no clue where their standards should be. This leads to the erratic treatment that erodevs receive.

Some developers are permanently banned for publishing content that other developers aren’t. The age ambiguity of the anime style is a major factor that fuels this.

Erodevs have no unions, they have no political representation, everyone flies under the radar, hoping to make a stable living. And very few succeed. Imagine trying to have a family as an erotic entertainer when your income can be cut off anytime.

Alas, my dear sir, I urge you to suck a dick.

Sexy September 19, 2023 - 10:40 am

hohohho, wow you are really high on your own farts now aint ya?

smart article too. we all got convinced that eric adams whining about texas sending him the people he wanted is really deeply related to booby games getting published on steam, or mastercard’s acceptance of futas.

but i guess your train of thought is as stupid as your outfit, so everything is possible. its one thing to ego stoke yourself, asking us to believe your bullshit is still as laughable as it was the first time, if not even more with this buthurt reply of yours. did your wife’s son help you with it or did you come up with it all on your own XD

keep the rang going, i love to read drivel from porn merchants who tell us how smart they are but are surviving on revshares from mindgeek and stripper screensavers XD, apparently theres nobody on your team to stop you from embarrassing yourself likea sideshow. guess thats what happens when you are too cheap to hire an editor but go around boasting how much of a bizz genius you are every other article XD

Nah September 20, 2023 - 3:11 am

I mean, it’s pretty hilarious that you have all these high minded opinions about what it is to be a man when you’re jacking off to NTR hentai.

It’s like standing a 20 meter pile of garbage labeled “My weird insecurities” bragging about how mentally tough you are. Like completely setting aside the actual social value of your ideals, it’s just not a good look.

OtakuApologist September 23, 2023 - 7:41 pm

I believe in the free market, not moral authoritarianism. There is no moral conflict when you have a clear sense of priorities, and people’s right to choose their poison is one of them. Publishing reviews of NTR games that are played by my contributors doesn’t mean I jack off to that myself. Playing with an idea doesn’t mean you’re into the idea. And if you wanna get down to it, everyone is a sexual hypocrite, because that’s the mechanics of porn. Racists love interracial, feminists love non-con, etc. It’s whatever you consider taboo that tickles the brain the most. That’s just how it works.


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