Karls Lake. Pingree Lake. It was definitely a great day, I … Sunset from camp. Eighteen water control structures (dams) existed in the Emigrant Wilderness before its designation in 1975. Although a trail is marked on some maps from Wood Lake to Karls Lake, we found the … This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Tuolumne County, California.. Watersheds drain to the Stanislaus and Tuolumne rivers. August 5 :We began the day by hiking back up to the main trail, then headed for Long Lake.Long Lake is one of the numerous lakes in the Emigrant Wilderness enlarged by a rock dam at the outlet, which keeps the stream flow steadier throughout the summer. 9/6/2014 - Karls Lake, Emigrant Wilderness, California. OK! My plan this time was to hike further east in a straightforward loop trail, visiting several lakes along the way. In looking at maps of the area (I haven't been there since childhood summer camp), I notice the USGS topo shows two trails leading from Pingree lake to the buck meadows area (see attached jpg). In fact we went by Deer Lake on Friday morning on our way from Leighton Lake to Pinto Lakes. Came in from Gianelli TH on Wed, to Leopold Lake, to Leighton Lake,to Pinto Lakes. Emigrant Wilderness Loop. We came to Buck Lake after leaving Emigrant and a little after Buck Lake we ran into a group of 4 who said there was a large fire in Little Yosemite Valley, which had forced them to change plans and backpack in Emigrant Wilderness instead. Emigrant Wilderness ~ 6 - 10 August 2007 This report is divided into creative writing and creative (maybe mundane) ... to Leighton Lake by way of Wood Lake and Karls Lake, but by the time I finished a late lunch at Karls Lake it was already 2 PM, so that was it. The Wilderness is entirely within Tuolumne County. I had been wanting to return to the Emigrant Wilderness for years now, having done two trips here previously. Leighton Lake. In response to a previous post, a few of you suggested emigrant wilderness as a nice area for a mellow July trail trip. Pretty good wildflowers. The Emigrant Wilderness is noted for its granite and volcanic terrain and beautiful alpine lakes. 2 nights at Pinto Lakes and up Granite Dome & Black Hawk Mtn. ... Leighton Lake, Karls Lake and Red Can Lake. ... Karls lake was peaceful, and the Leighton lakes further south beckoned for another trip. After setting up camp, we hiked up to Wire Lake. Red Can Lake and our last destination for the day. Deer Lake was also very pretty and had a very nice camp site. ; out sunday AM. Our desire was to explore the lakes in the heart of the Emigrant Wilderness area, catch a few fish and have a great experience. Just back from a wonderful trip this last weekend, leaving from Crabtree Cabin for a series of lakes in the backcountry of Emigrant Wilderness: four days, 34 miles, great view Camp. Kole Lake. The Emigrant Wilderness is an elongated area that trends northeast about 25 miles in length and up to 15 miles in width.

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