Konnichiwa, anime fapper!!

I am Otaku Apologist, I manage the ads on Sinnercomics. I review the products, design the banners, monitor performance. I have three years of experience as an adult product reviewer, and as a hentai clickbait memester.

I sponsored the Sinnergate 2016 anniversary art contest – that’s how we met.

Sinner’s business went full bitcoins late 2016. But no good advertising networks pay in Bitcoins. I am a middleman, that provides Sinner the access to the best hentai memes in the industry.

If you want to support Sinnercomics, just click one of my self-crafted banners, and buy something fun.

If you have feedback to give, just email me: otakuapologist@gmail.com

Please enjoy Sinner’s faptastic comics! <3