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by OtakuApologist

Hentaireviews.moe was created in 2017 after my several years of shopping online for sextoys and games, which almost led to my dick getting amputated. It was after I bought a poisoned Chinese body pillow, lazed with so much formaldehyde, my entire body felt like burning, that I gained a mission. I also bought oppai mousepads which smelled like a rotting corpse, despite sitting six months in my attic during winter at -20* degrees. And while some adult games were absolutely faptastic, most were trash.

This website lists the personal customer experiences me and my freelancers have had while shopping at various adult companies.

Our reviews are standardized. We itemize and catalog every aspect of these products in as much detail as humanly possible. You should never be surprised when buying something on our recommendation. You can also share your own experiences about the products in the comments sections, which I try to moderate as little as possible.

My sincere wish is that you’ll only use legitimate services to get the games, sextoys and the anime we write about. Because while the allure of piracy is understandable, pirate sites are fucking dangerous. Shady web admins supplement their incomes with crypto mining malware that are also spyware. The new generation of malware is undetectable and near-impossible to remove. Your device can be hijacked without your knowledge. Meanwhile, online sellers pushing illegit sextoys and figurines and mousepads are cutting corners to maximize profits, using hazardous chemicals to make the products. I’m not saying this only because we do affiliate marketing, meaning, we gain 10-20% per sale of the products we write about.

You have every reason to buy from legit businesses, your health and safety among them. When you buy products based on our reviews, I commission new hentai art, which you can view and download for free at otakusexart.com. You can commission my artists at hentaicommissions.com. You can find our highest recommended erotic games at hentai-onahole.moe. If you want to make your own eroge, we offer a development service, learn more at hentaicoop.com.

Otaku Apologist, owner of Hentaireviews