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Onahole Review: La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio

by OtakuApologist

Written by Freaky Eddie. Toy provided for review by JLIST.

Made by MagicEyes, La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is a male sextoy designed to mimic oral sex. A mouth around your member is an indescribable feeling. Soft lips, a gentle caress, a warm tongue running up and down. Hard teeth brush against the foreskin, the contrasting texture sending chills up your spine. Blowjobs are great, and until now, I have never found a toy that can compare to the feeling of someone taking you into their mouth.

I am happy to say that the  La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy delivers the feeling of a nice, sloppy blowjob. This toy comes with anatomically correct parts and a variety of textures.

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Arriving in a taller than usual cardboard package, the box art for La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is sexual, but not crass. A brown haired petite girl is center frame, her small breasts just barely peaking out from beneath the label. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is slightly open, exactly like the toy itself.

On the left side of the package we are greeted to a detailed picture of the cross section of the toy. She has a fleshy exterior with warm pink insides with white teeth. There is nothing left to the imagination when it comes to how this toy looks both inside and outside. The back contains more details about the toy itself, showing the mouth and teeth up close. Here we can see some of the intricate detail that went into the design. The textured tongue is prominently shown. The name, “La Bocca Della Verita,” roughly translates from Italian to “the mouth of truth”. The name is accurate to the letter, this being a true representation of a mouth complete with teeth and tongue.

The cardboard box is durable and coated with a plastic wrap. Upon opening the box you’ll find the toy situated in a small container, housed safely in a small plastic bag. The bag was open at one side, allowing for easy removal. The bag it was housed in was opaque, and a strong silicon smell was present. The bag was easy to remove, and while the inside looked as if some sort of powdery residue was coating it to prevent rubbing or tearing of the synthetic skin, no substance was on the hole itself. The skin was clear of any residue.



The toy sits longer than most other holes. A nose and mouth sit at one end, and the shaft has the words “MagicEyes” imprinted on it. When sitting on a table the mouth is naturally closed. Upon first inspection, I had to slightly pull the lips apart. It felt like the flesh had sat together long enough to become barely stuck together. The “shaft” of the toy is soft and smooth, and while the toy material isn’t the signature “Virgin Skin” quality brand, externally the toy feels exactly the same as the other MagicEyes toys I’ve reviewed.

Opening the mouth, you are first greeted to the sight of pearly white teeth. They are molded as one solid piece, effectively built like dentures. They are not made of a soft synthetic skin material, but plastic. They are seated firmly within the skin, moving only with the flesh around the mouth itself. The inside is soft, squishy, and real slick when lubed. A stark contrast from the outside skin colored shaft, the inside is pink and red, colored like an actual mouth. The tongue is attached only at the base, allowing it to wiggle and move against your penis during use.

I like to ride my toys a dozen times before review, to see if that causes deterioration of the toy. After prolonged usage I have found no visible internal or external damage. If I were to guess what will eventually fail first, I’d say either the teeth or the lips. A different material set in a porous synthetic skin can only stay for so long before tearing occurs where the two meet. And with a piece of plastic free to wiggle and move, eventually the base will begin to weaken before being torn off completely. However, after a week of continuous use I have found no damage which hopefully means that copies are equally durable.

When in use, the toy makes a rather noticeable “squelching” noise. The lips and teeth do not form a tight seal like other toys do. This makes it quite audible in use.



The La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is, put simply, an excellent fellatio simulator. Lips that grip your shaft, actual teeth that rub against you, and a tongue that likes to move side to side as you push in. The deeper “throat” of the toy is soft and well textured, and overall the toy is pleasurable.

The lube sample they provided within the box works as intended, it lasted my entire 30 minute “endurance test”. Sliding in for the first time, the first thing I noticed were the teeth. With such a contrasting texture at the start of penetration, it provides an unmatched level of realism. The tongue likes to move left and right as you fuck the hole, and really feels like its wiggling on its own, like it’s alive. Bottoming out within the toy, the teeth gently scrape against your shaft, giving more alternate texture for your pleasure. The toy feels exactly like a (slightly toothy) blowjob and deephroat. Extremely pleasurable and anatomically correct.

I have only one complaint about the toy; the teeth themselves. Firstly, the teeth are by far my favorite part of this toy. Made out of a completely different material, they feel great rubbing against you, giving an alternate sensation that really adds to the whole “La Bocca Della Verita” experience. The problem is that they tend to be always present on your shaft during use. This is not a bad thing by any stretch, I enjoy the contrasting feeling. However, I don’t find the shaft of my member to be particularly girthy, yet the teeth are constantly rubbing against me. After a while, this sensation can become irritating, and unfortunately the way this hole is designed, there is no easy way to simply fuck the mouth without the teeth rubbing against you at the same time. This makes the toy feel more like a virgin blowjob than anything else, which can be fine.


The La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is more complex to clean than other toys. The mouth is tighter and the shaft is longer than most holes, meaning it is more difficult and dangerous to turn the hole inside out to clean. I’m too nervous to flip it, because I don’t want to tear the flesh at the corner of the mouth. When I clean it, all I can do is place the toy hole up under the faucet and let water run in.

I found the best way to clean the La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is simply by using my hand and some soap to “finger fuck” the throat, cleaning out any lube and fluids left over. After rinsing the toy out, I simply pat it dry with a towel and leave the insides to air dry in normal room temperature.


La Bocca Della Verita Advanced Fellatio Toy is a great blowjob simulator. Anatomically correct insides make the experience all the more pleasurable. The teeth tend to rub against me too much, and its certainly the loudest of all the toys I’ve reviewed. With a more complex internal structure this also makes cleaning take longer. Overall, however, this is the most accurate, most well crafted oral onahole I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, and I heartily recommend it to you.

Order at JLIST (JP) for 40.00Order at Toydemon for $32.95Order at OtonaJP for $25.60

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