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Adult Search Engine Optimization Business Review: Shilabs

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Shilabs is my go-to company in the search engine optimization project of Hentaireviews. I’ve employed their services since Summer 2018. With all the traffic numbers on the table at last, I can finally write about this company with my sincere recommendation to all hentai website owners out there.

Shilabs’ adult SEO service is a subsidiary. The company’s main site is www.shilabs.digital.


The number one strength of Shilabs is that they offer an affordable predictable service. A lot of companies in the SEO field are shady hustlers. The cheaper the service, the more short-term the effect. This company is based on India, which allows them to offer their services for highly competitive prices. They don’t have to cut corners like many SEO hustlers do, because your dollars and euros buy more working hours from them. Visit the AdultSEOBusiness website.

You’re not getting dirt-cheap links from Shilabs, but lots of conversations and reports that help fine-tune your strategy. You can suggest keywords yourself, or let them research the most popular keywords and work on them. If you’re planning to write new content for specific keywords in the future, it makes sense to improve your ranking on those words.

In the case of Hentaireviews, our most popular reviews are for Nutaku’s browser games, which I’m often posting about. Ranking high on search words like “Cunt Wars Hentai” is a competitive angle for our small site.

My first month with Shilabs included an SEO audit which revealed several dumb mistakes in our website design. They analyzed my site and prepared a list of issues to fix. After half a year of co-operation, Hentaireviews has grown from nothing to current levels of meager popularity! See our business update from January 2019.

The company provides a progress report at the end of each month. The reports are very detailed and include graphs which showcase where things are going. You can see your new rankings on the specified keywords.

The company has great communication. My sales representative takes his job very seriously, always making himself available to discuss our projects. We usually talk on Google’s gmail chat, but we also talk on Skype. Along with the sales rep, I’ve been assigned a dedicated person working on the SEO whom I coordinate with on a weekly basis.

The company advertises itself as a user of legitimate white hat techniques, which are SEO tactics of the lowest risk. This means a hole in your wallet, but also a guarantee of no surprises, like sudden traffic losses and random Google penalties.

Shilabs is dedicated to servicing adult content businesses. If you’re an adult content website owner reading this, I’m sure you’ve experienced companies refusing to work with you because of your content. I’ve been very happy to receive professional service from Shilabs without anyone getting triggered midway into a project.


The company’s website has sometimes had glitches and incomplete information. They also don’t have a feedback form for customers. As of time of writing, they rely on a company Facebook where past clients post in free form writing. The lack of a structured feedback template makes the posts on the Facebook page look almost illegitimate. A lot of people have broken English. While the work this company has done for me has been stellar, I was very skeptical on my first month upon seeing the issues on their website and their Facebook page.

As the company is based on India, discussing things via voice chat can be difficult if your sales rep has a thick accent. Their written English can be glitchy at times as well, but since the topics you discuss are in areas they know, this doesn’t pose a communication issue. If you’re unsure about whether to employ this company’s services, test them with a minimum buy-in. You can get a custom offer for as low as $100. The goods included in such a package will be minimal, but you get a sense of how they work before committing more funds.


Shilabs has a competitive pricing that starts from $299 a month. The higher your buy-in, the more keywords they will target, the more goods you receive for less unit cost. I recommend a higher buy-in to maximize the value. You can get SEO for many months, and watch your traffic go up consistently without weird ups and downs.

The company lists their prices on their website. The value starts to show at $800, where the number of targeted keywords doubles. Most SEO companies recommend a buy-in of $1000 minimum to see a result. You can get your website ranking higher in a matter of months. Just remember to balance your SEO budget with your content budget – you should never spend on SEO more than you have excess funds after operational costs.

Once you’re satisfied with your SEO investment and no longer wish to budget for it, ask the company to “close your account”. The company will otherwise budget for your next month’s SEO assuming you’ll be paying. Be courteous and inform them well in advance that you’re planning to take a break.


You can pay with Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard. Once you’re in contact with a sales rep, you will be invoiced every month until you ask them to “close the account”. Be sure to discuss each month’s SEO project well before the month changes.

Concluding Words

I’m extremely busy creating fresh content for my adult sites. Having a dedicated SEO specialist has been a welcome addition to help grow my business. If you have a stable revenue inflow, investing into SEO is a gamble that can pay off massively. I’ve been very happy with my experience with Shilabs and plan to continue using them. Visit AdultSEOBusiness.com.

Special credit to Satyajit for handling my SEO professionally. You can email him at satyajit@shilabs.digital. Also credit to ‘Sandy H’ for brokering some sick deals. Contact him at sandyh@shilabs.digital 

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