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For years, I have been hearing good things about the Tenga Flip Hole. I had been itching to ride my white medium-sized uncircumsized dick in it, when the opportunity suddenly arrived. Thanks to my new sponsor otonaJP, who graciously donated a big box of toys for my gay penis, I was able to experience yet another fabulous sextoy.

Tenga is a prestigious brand. Their toys are world famous. Let’s dig into the mystery, of why fappers are addicted to this affordable glans stroker.

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At first, I wasn’t able to figure out the toy. The instructions were in Japanese, which didn’t help. I fiddled around the mysterious cylinder case, until something clicked. Amazing! Basically she is constructed of three parts: the case, the insert, and the holder. The holder is what keeps the “jaws” of the toy sealed. The holder is the northmost item in the above photo.

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After you can identify how the Tenga Flip Hole is constructed, you can easily locate the holder, and draw it open. This design makes the toy extremely easy to clean, but sadly makes it somewhat fragile. I’ve read online that this toy can last two years in every day use.

The package is super sci-fi. She looks like a futuristic battery. There’s three ampuls of lube that look like plutonium rods. Tenga strives to disassociate masturbation from sex, because that’s too triggering for the predominantly asexual Japanese population. Hence their toys never resemble genitalia, and the globalist elite’s depopulation plan, spearheaded by the Rothschild transnational banking cartel can safely commence unimpeded.

My Tenga Flip Hole is red, but there are two other colors: black, white, and silver.


The Tenga Flip Hole comprises of a hard plastic case, and a soft rubber insert. In hand, she feels as pleasent as the Spider-man action figures I used to shove into my dick. The rubber insert is soft as virgin boy’s pucker. The insert’s color is grey, and it has a mild synthetic odor.

I’ve ridden my hole about eight times. She’s gotten a little sticky, despite my best efforts to clean out lube.

Let’s talk masturbation. To state the obvious, you lubricate the insert and your penis before use. Try the sample lube included with the toy, but remember there’s very little of it. Get a big bottle of any high quality water-based lube, and you’re set.

tenga flip hole promo 3

After your cock is all slippery, you penetrate the insert with your penis. There’s little resistance at the entrance. Bopping in and out is smooth with proper lubrication. But even without extreme tightness, the vacuum sucks on you hard.

If you’ve never used sextoys before, you probably have this vague daydream in your head, of a magical sex device that makes masturbation ten times better. Well, this is it. I am happy to tell you, my own cock milking sessions with the Tenga Flip Hole have lasted mere minutes. The intense vacuum suction gets your dick instantly raw. It feels amazing, and I’ve pulled out of it during my self-fucking, just to stroke my blood-engorged cock, marvelling at the tingling sensations on my glans. Your inseminator usually feels like bursting when approaching orgasm, not a few minutes into it!

Oh, and when you use the Tenga Flip Hole, it’s notable that she makes some noise. As the air trapped inside flows out, it sounds like hydraulics. It’s not super loud, but you can absolutely hear it. You probably can’t conceal your bathroom activities if there’s people around.

tenga flip hole promo 4

To clean the Tenga Flip Hole, put her under a water tap, to flush out the lube and cum. Dry it with a towel. It takes about two minutes only!!

What’s special about washing the Flip Hole, is that you can easily be thorough with it. Because the toy opens from the middle, you can pour water on both halves. You can towel dry the insert! There is no chance of leftover water finding some nook or cranny, where mold or bacteria could start festering. This sextoy is thus one of the most hygienic products on the market.

The toy has some fragile parts. The hinges that keep the two halves together, may deteriorate over the years. The holder, despite its hardness, can also be broken, if you accidentally sit on it. If you break any part, there are no shops for spare parts. The insert is soft and flexible, and I expect it to last rough sexual handling. Just be sensitive, don’t destroy her with your cock.tenga flip hole promo 3

In summary: the Tenga Flip Hole offers an intense masturbatory experience for years, totalling easily hundreds of rides. It’s easier to clean thoroughly than 90% toys in the market. She comes with three plentiful ampuls of lube. She doesn’t resemble grotesque genitalia, thus you can even display her on a shelve.

Order at JLIST (JP) for $70.00Order at OtonaJP for $57.47Order at Toydemon (US) for $74.95Order at Kanojotoys (JP) for $55.00

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