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Seitenkan You Can Cum Inside Me, a visual novel developed by Dieselmine. Released May 17, 2014. Download on DLsite for $18.00. For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

After a horrible car accident your dick is destroyed! Thankfully, you were able to be rebuilt and repaired as a woman! Live your new life as a female, and see how all the pervy men you know treat you differently.

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You were a typical guy going to school every day until the car accident. You wake up as a woman, and everyone is treating you differently. Will you resist temptation? Or give in to the lustful advances of men?

Many players have called this game “hardcore” or “disturbing” due to its depictions of domestic violence by the father-character. Depending on player choice, you can even be deflowered by the father as he drunkenly forces himself onto you.

The main character suffers from severe gender dysphoria. He is mentally a man and longs for his original body, but is stuck as a woman. His inner monologues about how wrong this feels were very upsetting. It’s hard to enjoy the sex scenes when you know how much anxiety the protagonist is going through.

Eventually there’s an abrupt shift, where the main character decides he prefers to stay a woman. The first hour of the game focuses on his abusive household and desires for the future, but it seems he discarded his past identity after the accident.

Outside of dour and sad emotions, the writer accomplishes little else. Besides the protagonist, all other characters lack depth and are forgettable. I’m actually glad that’s the case, because more emphasis is placed on the main character’s emotions.

There are three basic endings. Do you devote yourself to your sister, the teacher, or become a free-use slut for all who ask? Naturally I chose the slut path, because if you’re going to be lewd, better go all the way!


Seitenkan is a visual novel. Click the screen to advance the story.

The game has numerous features standard to the genre: Quicksave, automatic dialogue, voice replay, and a skip function. Unlocking scenes in story mode will also unlock them on the main menu.

There are between 6-8 choices in total. All choices are about consenting to sex or escaping from it. The ending is not dependent on your choices. Rather, you can make whatever decisions you want and manually choose which ending you get.


The art is classic Japanese anime style. The screen is tinted in shades of pink and purple during sex scenes.

There are 20 CGs spread across 17 scenes. This would be acceptable if more variations were used, but sadly that’s not the case. Many sex scenes use the same static image for ten minutes without changing. Of course the voice acting and dialogue are good, but people who focus on visuals will be disappointed.

There are is not enough sprite art. Most characters get a single image for dialogue scenes, with no change in expressions. Your character could have just escaped their abusive father, but they’ll be grinning like a psychopath. Not only does it kill immersion, it’s just plain silly.

The best friend of the main character is a student named Takafumi, yet he looks like a 40 year old man! I thought maybe he was the teacher, but nope! When dialogue and expectations are shattered by visuals, you know there’s a problem.

If you can look past these flaws, the sex is very hot! There’s big tits and big dicks, sex always ends in a creampie, with clothing ruffled and brushed aside. There is some good art here, it just wasn’t used wisely.

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All characters have voice actors behind them that fit their personalities.

What’s unique about this game, is how they use voice acting to convey the main character’s identity. At first, his internal monologues are always in his male voice. Over time, he begins to let out his female side more and more, until his male identity is just a figment of the past. This transition and focus on gradual change made the voice acting far more meaningful beyond simple moaning.

Sound effects are fitting and sometimes unexpectedly real. Especially in scenes where the father abuses his family, you can hear every strike. This creates a sense of tension and realism that few other games dare aspire for. It might be disturbing, but the point of sound design is to convey emotions.


The soundtrack includes eight songs, most of which are unique to this developer or specific title.

Bass guitar and drums dominate the music, with other instruments like electric piano also being used. Sometimes this fits, other times it’s complete nonsense. Like when you’re tied up with jumper cables on your nipples, you hear a soft harp and electric piano. It seems like the developer wanted to avoid stock tracks and used badly fitting music instead.


Seitenkan features 20 CGs spread across 17 scenes. Each scene has a base image with very few, if any, variations.

Your little sister is a trap! Your cute little sister has a penis and a pussy and you’ll be forced to look at it. Although the cover and advertisements for this game indicate a focus on a boy becoming a busty babe, you will instead be greeted with a dick-girl. Of course the main focus remains on the busty protagonist, but I absolutely hate the fact that I’m forced into trap sex scenes.

I wanted to enjoy all the scenes: sex on a public train, being used by classmates, giving abusive stepdad a titfuck. Instead, I was forced into mandatory encounters with a trap. This feels like false advertising, and killed my boner faster than I could have imagined. Although the other sex scenes were good, they were not good enough to make up for the surprise trap.


Seitenkan You Can Cum Inside Me is a disturbing porn game focused on gender dysphoria and an abusive household. The voice acting was fantastic, but the mandatory trap and mismatched music make this a bumpy ride.

I recommend this game to fans of the gender gender fetish. Download Seitenkan. If you love gender bending but think traps are gay, then check out our review of DokiDoki Transexperience.

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