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Rick and Morty A Way Back Home, a cartoon porn game developed by Ferdafs. Released May 6, 2018. Last updated on May 30, 2021. Visit the developer’s Patreon. Available for PC Windows, Mac OS, and Android. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Rick has decided that you’re too shy and weak! He drops you in another dimension and won’t allow you back until you gain some confidence! You better push your limits, or the council of Ricks will come to take you away!


This game takes place in an alternate dimension. Morticia is Morty from another universe. Beth and Summer aren’t related to the player character.

As a Patreon title, the story is told in an episodic format added to with each patch. Naturally, the pacing is a mixed bag and sometimes characters disappear for a long time without mention. This is mostly a problem in the Renpy remake, while the original Unity edition allows for more freedom of choice.

This game is filled with choices every few seconds, making them hard to keep track of. For example, dialogue might indicate you did something even if you chose not to. And because the patches are focused on creating new content, these rough moments are hardly ever removed.

The writing has tons of great moments and sometimes it feels like the original writers themselves wrote this! Like when Rick admits he vaccinated the family against cancer, except for Jerry. Apparently Rick tried to offer it to others, but they said they didn’t want autism, so he kept the cancer cure for himself. This was so random, and so terrible to Jerry, I laughed my ass off.

Other times the writing is stilted and weak. Like when Morty keeps calling his mom “Beth” and when Summer only falls for Morty due to a cursed item and not actual corruption. The biggest complaint fans had was that all the Beth scenes had her drunk and unable to remember them after they occurred. This has been fixed in later updates, but the early game is still disliked by many. Especially because of the focus on a side character, Tricia, even though most players aren’t here for her.

The game’s Renpy version is 10 hours long and even longer in Unity. Rick is mostly a background character. And the writing often gets sidetracked with characters like Unity and Nancy. In spite of these flaws, the game is still a super enjoyable experience.

Beth is your thicc blonde mommy character. Summer is your insecure millennial sister. And Morticia is a female Morty from another reality, who acts like a twin sister to the protagonist. Will you force yourself onto them or seduce them? Hypnotize them or take it slow? Peep on them changing, or behave like a gentleman? The choice is always yours. If you look past the occasional typo and unwanted side character, these three main babes made this the ultimate Rick and Morty hentai experience.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home is a visual novel. The developer created this game in the Unity engine and is updating it there. A fan remake ported the game to Renpy in order to streamline the gameplay and allow it to run smoother on older devices.

This review is focused on the Renpy edition, primarily because it has less fluff. The Unity edition has you check your phone constantly for directions like “Speak to Beth in Kitchen” and other nonsense. In Renpy you don’t need to navigate menus constantly.

Players can customize their nickname and how Morticia refers to you. Does she view you as a brother, or simply a male Morty? You can also toggle age descriptions on or off. I toggled them on and dialogue indicates Beth is lusting for her “69 year old son”. I regret nothing!

The game has massive replay value due to the wide variety of choices available. While impregnation is not fully implemented, it’s planned for a future update. You can choose to keep the girl off birth control, choose to creampie her repeatedly, and in a future update she’ll finally be pregnant! I can’t wait!


All visual assets in this game are entirely unique and drawn in the Rick and Morty art style. Many of the scenes look like they come directly from the show. Even Morticia and other new characters fit the setting perfectly. The biggest downside being, everyone acts in-character, so Summer never smiles and Beth often has a hangover.

The earliest artworks in the game were drawn with thick outlines and simple shapes like circles and straight lines. As development progressed however, the artist added more detail to character anatomy, especially for character backs and genitals. It’s pretty difficult to draw a realistic looking pussy in a cartoon style, but this artist did so with ease.

Where other games would black out or blur the backgrounds, this artist fully details and designs every aspect of a scene. A broom in the janitor’s closet, a different couch angle to reflect the camera view, and even a fully redesigned house with communist memorabilia for decorations. Each scene is different from the last, filled with personality and character.

While not all scenes are animated, a large amount of them are. At first it’s simple blowjobs and footjobs, but eventually you’ll enjoy fully animated vaginal sex between Morty and the other characters in the house. Personally I found the animated foot stuff to be pretty unnecessary, but with the latest update adding more animated sex scenes, I’m happy.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home has no voice acting or sound effects.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home has no music.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home has over 120 scenes total. More scenes are being added, so it’s very likely the game will hit 150-200 sexy scenarios by the time it is completed.

Summer is a virgin in this game! No more of that slutty sister trope from the television show! In this game, you can lose your virginity to her and take her pussy as your own! Feel free to cum inside as well! Once the pregnancy content is added in, this game will be glorious!

Even without that content, the game features a wide variety of scenarios like groping a sleeping Beth and having thigh sex where it accidentally slips inside! If you love wild taboo scenarios and crazy actions from a horny Morty, this is the ultimate game for you!

The game is 10 hours minimum with over 120 scenes, do the math. You’re in for at least 10 erotic events per hour! Each is given proper buildup and foreplay to lead into the encounters. Sometimes it’s a simple handjob or groping, but eventually you’ll be filling pussies with cum!

My only complaint is that the three main females have maybe 50 scenes in total, while side characters get much less action. I wish Summer had more scenes!


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home is one of the longest and most detailed cartoon porn parody games ever made. The graphics are phenomenal and match the source material perfectly. The sex scenes deliver on the fantasy of Morty fucking the women of the show. And the writing is often so hilarious, the game is worth playing for laughs alone!

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