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Huniecam Studio from Developer of Huniepop Now Available On Nutaku

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

The edgy developer of Huniepop finally got over his depression period he whined about on Tumblr and twitter since 2017. No doubt scared shitless by Valve’s threats of pulling all hentai games off Steam, the developer has brought both of his flagship titles to Nutaku’s digital store. Free market capitalism has won this day, and socialist moralfaggotry, can suck my scrotum.

Huniecam studio is a camgirl tycoon. You recruit young girls to whore their pussies on internet livestreams.

Huniecam Studio is available for PC Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

This game is very edgy. You pump up your girls full of drugs, and rake the profits from their self-induced sexual exploitation. Nobody forced these girls into this, they could easily have grabbed a student loan for a liberal arts degree, and laughed into the bank. It’s the kind of game that makes you question whether personal responsibility should be revoked from women entirely, to protect them from themselves. There’s still time to save western civilization, the legal groundwork from our hundreds of years of slavery still exists.

The art direction for this game always confused me, and everyone who was a fan of Huniepop. Why commission your artists for such simplistic, ugly-ass images, when you could just as well have continued using the gorgeous art that made the first game immensely popular? Was that artist not available for commissions at the time? Only the White Christian God knows the answer to that.

But, this is a happy day. Focus on the positive: Two more great games are now available on a dedicated hentai games platform. If you’re feeling the hype, Huniecam Studio is up for grabs on Nutaku for $6.99.

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