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Heroes of Lust – New Sexy Patch

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

1.6.2018 — Heroes of Lust received a fresh patch full of goodies. Before we talk about the changes, let’s cover the basics: Heroes of Lust is a free to play MMORPG clicker developed by Super Hippo Games, available on Nutaku.net since March 23rd, 2018. It plays in your internet browser on PC Windows, and Mac operating systems. Also available for Android smartphones.

The most significant patch change was increasing players’ stamina caps, something I heavily criticized the game for in my review. Players now receive 5 to their maximum stamina points per level-up. Also, potions now stack in the quantity of 200 per bag slot, leaving much more room for loot in the inventories of players. This change affects free players most, who only have 2 bags by default. Personally, I threw $30 at the developer, and subbed for the pay-to-win VIP service for 4 months, which also permanently unlocked the other two bags.

I screenshotted the patch notes, and copypasted the missing content below it. I’m also editing my review to reflect the improved quality of the game, maybe even craft banners to coax more players to try this epic clicker.

Dear Heroes,

Our team is happy to announce some new gameplay features coming your way.

New features:

  • Hero stats:
    Players can now check the full statistics about their heroes in this new screen. It is located in the inventory screen to the right of the crafting equipment icon.
  • Item Disposal:
    Players now throw away the items they don’t need at all times simply by drag & dropping the unwanted item out of the inventory grid.


  • The rewards in the Temple have been increased – The rewards from all chests except the free one are doubled.
  • Players will no longer lose stamina when they lose a PVE battle or retreat from it.
  • Every level will increase the stamina cap now – The stamina cap for heroes level 1 is now 305, and is increased by 5 per level (a level 60 hero will have 600 base stamina cap).
  • The stamina bonus from VIP has been visually changed: Instead of seeing how much your cap is, you can now see how much stamina cap points VIP actually gives you.
  • The timers for each battleground have been reduced from x hours to 1 min. If the player exits the zone using the “OK” button it resets instantaneously.
  • We’ve added a confirmation when you buy items for diamonds from the crafting and healer shop.
  • The potions no longer have a level requirement.
  • Potions stack count increased from 20 to 200.
  • The Daily login rewards are now increased & award diamonds for the 5 day period as well. The 5th day reward now also gives a chest with a random legendary item.
  • Added 3 more info screens – for guild possibilities, for the auction house & for the reputation.
  • Improved the border patrol screens a bit, so they now show the players in which contest they can participate.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the quest tab in the Tavern & other buildings with quests glowing like there is a quest when there actually isn’t any.
  • Fixed not being able to enhance an item in the shop interface.
  • Fixed some visual bugs with some of the popups.
  • Fixed “Clumsy” skill not visually decreasing agility.

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