Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

The hit taboo harem visual novel Baku Ane ~We’ll Squeeze it out, Little Brother!~ has recently received a partial English translation patch from its fans.

Baku Ane ~We’ll Squeeze it out, Little Brother!~ is a harem eroge from the hentai studio Atelier Kaguya. It’s centered on a convalescent football star who goes to stay with his family of four sexy older sisters after a leg injury leaves him in need of recovery. When his sisters discover his anime porn collection, they do the only reasonable thing for a woman to do in this situation — have sex with him so he’ll start liking real girls instead of anime tiddies.

The protagonist is a famous soccer player, but due to a leg injury from a game, he must now rest until it heals. When he returns home, he is warmly greeted by his 4 older sisters whom he hasn’t seen for a long time.

However, because his clubmates have play a prank on him and fill his bag with ero manga, their relationships immediately plummet after they find out about it.While trying to explain the situation to no avail, one of them suggests that they themselves should help him escape the 2D world and be interested in healthy adult women.

Little does he know, all of his sisters love him more than a brother.

The new English translation patch, brought to you by DivinityCure, a fan translation group that specializes in nukige, is only partial — it covers the entire “prologue” of Baku Ane. That is to say, all the story up to the point where you make your first route choice and have to pick which sister out of four you’re going to pork. Still, that’s already quite a bit of content, with more eventually on the way.

You can download the translation patch from DivinityCure’s Tumblr (edit: the Tumblr has been deleted, but you can try to tanslate the game with this program). Of course, to actually run it, you’ll need to obtain a copy of the visual novel to actually translate. A downloadable Japanese version of of the title can be purchased via Getchu for 6,995 JPY.