Written by Otaku Apologist

Ever since I received the press release for Kuroinu from Mangagamer, I’ve been hyped to play this game. It’s a dark medieval erotic fantasy, developed by Liquid ltd. The game is divided into three chapters, of which the first chapter was released in March 31st, 2017. My eye was caught by the luscious princesses who looked damn delicious. It’s a story of pussy getting kicked from the pedestal, a story of stuck-up princesses getting their sex holes permanently destroyed.

We’re taking a look at Kuroinu before my official review. This game is available for download at Mangagamer.

Before world war two, the father of modern psychology Sigmund Freud theorized that people’s suppressed sexual impulses were the primary causes of neurotic, compusive behavior. After the war that saw Germany’s national socialists clash with Stalin’s communists, ending in the deaths of millions of Europeans, Freud added into his theory the concept of thanatos. Deriving from the greek word for death, he described a man to have thanatos, a primal impulse for destruction. Just as much as we enjoy building things, we also love tearing things down for the sheer pleasure of it.

I’ve been playing Kuroinu for two nights. So far, the villains have been unstoppable. Vult’s mercenary army consists of ogres, monsters, and men. They’ve been fighting the battles of the highest bidders for years without rest. The main characters are murderous bastards. They are battle-hardened, and so smart, they counter every feeble strategy the good guys employ. The heroes fall apart one after the other like whimpering idiots.

In the very beginning of the story, Vult conquers the dark citadel in the north. There, a pair of dark elves spent the past few hundred years waging their wars against the southern kingdoms. Vult is the product and embodiment of that conflict.

After taking the citadel and making the dark elves his sex slaves, Vult declares the formulation of a new nation: Cuntry. In this insane nation where only monsters and mercenaries reside, women are forced into absolute sexual servitude. He sets out to bring women into his nation from the southern nations that contracted him to destroy their dark elf enemy.

Porn is all about indulging in our most primal impulses. It makes absolute sense that the moralfaggots of society would want to stamp out media like this that depicts the dark side of human nature. I am even inclined to agree that they are correct: On a personal note, I indulged in fantasies of prostitution for years before becoming a client of local prostitutes. This media breaks your social conditioning. The massive scale brainwashing scheme called “culture” is really just control over the individual, intended to keep society from falling into decadence and chaos.

Every woman in Kuroinu is the purest high-status female. They are like the castles that Vult raids: You enjoy watching their prideful stature crumble as the fleshy battering rams tear down their physical and spiritual resistance.

So strong, so independent…

I’ve been very happy with the sex scenes of this game. The scenes are frequent, and well-executed. I’ve been delighted with the reading experience, even as the writing is pretty basic. If you’re a fan of Tolkien and the many modern ripoffs of his work (Warcraft, Warhammer, etc.), you’ll enjoy the familiar scenery while jacking off. These women get raped out of their minds, until they worship penis as their god. The girls have differing past sexual experiences which shows in how they respond to the situations. There was some hard insinuations early on for example that this girl may have been a sex slave. She seemed a little too comfortable in a gangbang.

I had to whip out my cock during the first scenes with the two dark elves. Their outfits were jawdropping with their eroticism. The sheer anticipation of seeing these babes sexually butchered stirred my dick cheese.

The dark elf rapes were good, but there was something even more delicious in store. You know a hentai game is good when it starts with a massive gangbang ending in a nasty bukkake, only to proceed to semi-incestous creampie sex. The below babe is one of the women Vult captures and brings to Cuntry with him. The writing and the imagery speaks for themselves

I’m taking my sweet time with this game before hopping to the second chapter. There’s three chapters retailing for $24,95 each, all available for download at Mangagamer.