Written by Otaku Apologist

Oppaidius Summer Trouble is an ecchi visual novel, funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign. The project is helmed by the artist Vittorio Giorgi, who emailed me the press release for his game in November 19th, 2017. My kneejerk reaction was one of skepticism upon seeing the rather low budget the game had received, not to mention the quirky artstyle. The more traditional anime style has a guaranteed audience among the people who masturbate to visual novels.

However, after spending the last 8 months of my life writing about visual novels with the same fucking formulaic anime art, I welcome this combo-breaking new release with open arms.

On July 24th, 2018, I received the Steam key for the game’s closed beta from Vittorio Giorgi. After recovering my password for my old Steam account, I delved into the game. Let’s look at where this project stands today.

This developer is obsessed with boobs. The focus on massive boobs is evident from the get-go.

The visuals are quirky. The music is too. The soundtrack reminds me of the improvised songs my brother used to hammer out with his keyboard ten years ago. The opening song is unlike anything I’ve heard in ages. I’m not sure if I like the music, but I also don’t dislike it. I enjoy that it’s so wildly different to the games I’ve been plowing through lately.

The backgrounds are very small, with weird ornamental decor around them. At first I wasn’t thinking why that would be. Then it hit me; the backgrounds are tiny, and in pixel art, saving development costs enormously.

The character art is much more detailed, and animated! Jimmy, who’s the player character’s “best male friend” was scratching his ass and burping every time he was on screen. Meanwhile, Serafina’s massive boobs were bouncing restlessly. The character sprites also blinked their eyes. This level of basic animation was a welcome change of pace for me.

The story is that you’re an introverted videogame addict. You’re bored out of your skull when this girl Serafina swoops into your life. She’s energetic, ultra feminine, and most importantly, easy to hang with. This babe doesn’t have a massive ego made worse by a bloated sense of self-worth. She doesn’t strike you as the type to constantly switch boyfriends. She’s also taking incredible care of her body without living according to superficial values. She’s neither judgemental, nor does she uphold high standards for her male companions. And thanks to the magic of porn, she’s still single!

The beta demo is surprisingly long, with plenty of variety in visuals. The game throws erotic CGs at the player every few scenes. You also switch locations frequently: You go to the beach, to the club, you go out with Serafina. The writing is humorous, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Oppaidius Summer Trouble is a refreshing western visual novel. The artstyle is very quirky, especially the character art that makes the women look rather masculine. Not everyone will be pleased to fap to a square-jawed woman, regardless of the size of her knockers. For everyone else, here’s an indie game to look forward to.

Contrasted with so many western developers in the hentai scene who sit on their Patreons making thousands of dollars a month year after year without showing results, this guy’s game is already polished to the point it looks ready to ship. Oppaidius Summer Trouble is currently in closed beta.